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Ann Taylor - Dressing with Confidence

Ciera Dastrup

MY LOOK: Shoes/AnnTaylor

Skirt/(Sold out so sad!)SimilarHEREandHERE



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I don't know about you guys, but I love dressing up for just about any occasion! There is something so empowering to me about putting on a dress, skirt, or heels, and some lipstick-it just exudes confidence! Maybe it's because for almost 9 months I couldn't fit in most all of my dresses and skirts while I was pregnant with Marloe, or let alone weeks after she was born! But now that I feel a little more back to myself again, I love dressing up my body (that created life), and has flaws, extra pounds around my hips, and milk stains on my shirts!

Since nursing is no easy task in public, I decided skirts and shirts are the way to go! Unless you have a nursing-friendly dress, you'll be pulling a normal dress practically all the way off to nurse your little baby, and that's not fun!!! I love this skirt from Ann Taylor! The blush color is so on trend right now, and the length is everything!!!!!! I adore midi length skirts, and have a closet full of them to prove it! This skirt particularly goes with so much too! Since it's such a soft color, it can be paired with prints and other bold colors. I paired it with this striped top from Ann Taylor, and I'm obsessed with how it came together! I wore it to church 2 weeks in a row.......but I just feel so confident and pretty in it! (We all have that outfit in our closet, that we go to all the time because the way it makes us feel!)

Feeling confident isn't always easy, but it helps when you feel gorgeous in what's on your body! That's why I love the choices at Ann Taylor! They cater to most every body type, and there is something in there for everyone! I shared the links below to shop my look, and some links to other looks I adore from Ann Taylor! Enjoy, and happy Tuesday loves! Xx


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