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Personal Blog Journey + Gibson Clothing

Ciera Dastrup


Photos By: Gabe Segura Photography

My LOOK: Top/Gibson//Jeans/Calson//Kimono/GentleFawn//Heels/NinaShoes//Sunnies/SimilarHERE

Marloes LOOK: Sweater/Carters(SimilarHERE)//Pants/OshKosh

Today I thought I would share with you an insight to how I started blogging & also some tips I have learned along the way! Bare with me, as I ramble in an effort to share my story!

I started blogging after I started dating my husband. I didn't initially start blogging to make a career out of it, but rather to have a place to share the many pictures I took out adventuring with my husband. I cringe now thinking about the crazy filters I used on my photos, and how the aesthetic of my blog from then to now has changed SO MUCH! I think I named that blog "Minor Enjoyments". HAHA, not even sure why I came up with that or how it even tied in to my blog theme! After a few weeks and maybe two posts later, I gave up. I'm pretty sure the only people who read it were maybe my parents, and my husband!

A few months went by, and I decided to try the blogging thing again. I was determined to stick with it, and constantly begged my mom to take "fashion" photos of me in old outfits in our backyard! This blog name was "Daily Beauty Grind" LOL LOL LOL! I was memorized by other bloggers, like Amber Fillerup, Sincerely Jules, and the list goes on. At the time there weren't very many bloggers. There were a few big named popular bloggers and not much else!

I remember I started doing some posts here and there. It was fun, but I though of it more as a hobby than a career. And that was the main problem with why I wasn't successful! I didn't know that then though! I decided a little while after to separate my personal Instagram from my blog! That's when I created an IG just dedicated to my blog & posts. I started posting and soon realized I needed to update my name. That's when I got "Yours Truly, Ciera". I wanted a name that wasn't specific towards anything, but a name that was broad enough that I could talk about anything! :)

I noticed quickly after starting how hard it was to build a following! People only took bloggers seriously that had 10k or more! (That's what I thought anyway!!!) A lot of new bloggers had over 10k followers, but had NO engagement on any of their photos. They would get maybe 40 likes and no comments!  That's when I noticed something fishy was going on. They looked good from the outside, but really had nothing to show for it but a number. (They had obviously bought fake followers, which is the worst mistake you can possibly make to be taken seriously). To get followers, you need to be engaged! It takes a lot of time and work, and it's not something that happens overnight. It's slowwwww, and tedious! But like I said before, you need to treat it like a business and work at it!!! (A business you love doing of course!!!) A big thing for a while was LOOP giveaways. We have all seen them, and most bloggers & small shops have participated in at least one! If someone invites you to do a Loop giveaway, RUN! They are a waste of money. You're basically paying for people to follow you until the giveaway ends. The followers you do keep from them, don't engage with your posts at all! It really sucks when you pay $40 for that too. I have even heard horror stories of people hosting Loop giveaways, and keeping the money they receive from the people that buy in! So RUN RUN RUN! And don't do it!

Another thing I have learned is that paying or hiring a photographer to shoot your photos is so worth it! And looks so good for companies that potentially want to hire you! If all your photos are taken with your iPhone, it shows! Also, be real with your readers! For so long I was so closed off on sharing personal moments with my readers and followers! But that's what makes me different and unique, and I have learned to open up and share more! People like realness, and it helps them to connect with you!

Thanks for reading this! Haha blogging has opened so many doors for me, and I have made so many friends along the way! Just remember to be authentic and put yourself out there! Don't give up on your dreams either, because one way or another they will happen!

Okay, now let's talk about this look I posted haha! This top is from Nordstrom and is the brand Gibson! (Shared the details above!) I love white blouses like this! You can pair them with just about anything & any color! You guys, I am also sooo happy that these jeans of mine fit! I tried them on about a month PP, and they wouldn't even zip :( I almost just got rid of them, and decided to try them on again, and they fit!!!!!!!!! I love light jeans, they're my favorite for Spring and Summer. Okay, today is 75 degrees so Marloe and I will head out to go on a walk and maybe shopping?! Have an awesome day guys!!

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