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Mothers Promise + Pampers

Ciera Dastrup

I have teamed up with Walmart featuring their Pampers Premium Care diapers to share with you my "Mothers Promise" to Marloe. 

My Mothers Promise to Marloe is promising to always take her on all my adventures. I don't believe kids/babies should be a reason not to travel! I think it's so important to take your kids on vacation with you, whether that be a drive to a close-by city, or even a 16 hour flight to an exotic place! I want make memories with her in new places, and even though it is definitely a challenge at times-it's SO worth it! I remember my parents always took us on fun vacations growing up, all 5 of us kids!!!!!! It was so fun making memories with my siblings, and I love looking back on all the videos and pictures my parents took! My husband didn't travel to many far places as a kid, but his parents always made a constant effort to take them off to do fun stuff! He grew up in Seattle, and has lots of memories going to Ocean Shores, Whidby Island, and lots of other places that were only a short drive from his home! you don't need to get on a plane to make fun memories with your kids! I want to me the type of mom, that camps out in the backyard with her, who makes pillow forts in the living room, and who takes her to the park to feed the ducks! I will never let work, or my own wants get in the way of having fun with her!!! I don't want to leave her out, I want her to be an added bonus on all my adventures! 

Just like making a promise to be adventurous with her, I also promise to only use products I completely trust on her as well! Before becoming a mom, I didn't think that there was any real difference in diapers, besides price and look. But now I know the importance of buying quality product, that won't be harmful to your child. Thats why I use Pampers Premium Care diapers from Walmart. A few things I love about them-5 Star skin care, hypoallergenic, wetness indicator, unique absorb away liner, breathable inside & out, extra absorb channels! 

I want to be the best mom to my child, just like all of us do! I urge you to make a Mothers Promise to your child/children that you can follow through with. Whether it be something small or something big. We are all learning together! Whats YOUR Mothers Promise? Leave your answer in  the comments below, and I will feature it on my next blog post!!! :)

This post is sponsored by Walmart* Pampers Premium Care