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First Opinion App

Ciera Dastrup

Being a mom means you never really "sleep", because you're always half awake listening for your baby, or opening your eyes to check if she is breathing. I want a healthy happy child, like we all want for our kids! When your child gets sick, the first thing us moms turn to is the deadly "Google Doctor". We end up thinking our child might have a deadly disease after what we read and our panic goes from 1 to 100! That's why I got the First Opinion app! This app really is incredible! It connects you to real live doctors, and you are able to directly message with them back and forth to get a "First Opinion" on what's happening with your child! I have even used it for myself when I thought I was coming down with the flu! Download it and try it for yourself, this is truly something I use and love! Helps knowing I have a doctors opinion in a moments notice in the palm of my hand. 

Time, getting work off, MONEY, health insurance, and many more reasons are why people don't go into the doctor. This app is a free, easy way to speak with a doctor! This is a HUMAN doctor you speak with and not some website with broad answers! I want my family to be healthy and happy, and getting a first opinion before rushing to the doctor, helps not only our wallets, but our peace of mind as well! Try First Opinion app, and I am sure you will love it as much as I do!