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Healthy & Happy

Ciera Dastrup

Hi, I have been meaning to do a post for a little bit about my post partum fitness journey these past couple months, so here it goes!

The day after I had Marloe I remember looking in the hospital mirror and thinking....YUCK! There was loose skin, and my once toned stomach pre pregnancy was nowhere in sight like I had imagined! I was amazed and proud that I had just had a child, but also a little depressed that I looked the way I did. The day after getting home from the hospital, I decided to weigh myself. I had weighed 124 post pregnancy, and weight I50 the day before I gave birth....and the scale said 139!!!!! Just three days after giving birth, and I was down 11 pounds. Most of which was Marloe, and everything else that comes out with a baby haha! But still, that motivated me to kickstart my fitness as soon as I was physically able to. I weighed myself daily, and each day I was down two pounds, just from breastfeeding! Although I was loosing weight, I did not look "fit". I still had loose skin, and all sorts of extra weight places that I had never had it before. My hips were(are) the thing that gained the most. I have been working hard to loose the extra inches with clean eating and exercise. So I thought I would share what I typically eat in a day, and how I keep active with a 2 month old, a messy house, a husband, and a crazy huge dog, OH and a blog haha.


BREAKFAST: Breakfast is by far my favorite meal. I like eating something sweet rather than savory in the morning. I usually eat oatmeal with banana slices, or greek yogurt with granola! I cover each in agave nectar too! Egg on toast can be good too, IF I am ever wanting something savory!

SNACK: I always snack between meals! I usually eat either fruit, or sometimes a handful of almonds. My favorite fruits to snack on are pineapple, mango, or frozen grapes! If I am craving something sweet for a snack, then I eat caramel rice cakes, or a granola bar!

LUNCH: Sometimes I eat dinner leftovers for lunch...but lately I have been eating edamame and boiled eggs. Haha I know its such a random lunch, but so yummy and healthy! Or I will make a simple tuna sandwich with whole wheat bread! Lunch for me is always just simple easy stuff. I don't have a lot of time in the middle of the day, and I like things that are easy BUT healthy! 

SNACK: Yep! Another snack! I snack a lot probably because I am breastfeeding and need the excess calories! Oh well, if you eat head;thy small portioned snacks then its no biggie! I eat either a granola bar (If I didn't eat one earlier) or I eat a handful of nuts! Macadamia and almonds are my go to! Rarely I will eat veggies for snacks, which is funny because when I was pregnant I craved veggies lol. Ps. favorite granola bars are LARA BARS, LUNA BARS, and CLIFF BARS.

DINNER: This one is all over the place, but my husband and I always try to make our dinners as clean as possible! My favorite meal is salmon with lemon pepper seasoning, rice, and asparagus! Or I make a crockpot meal, since its easy, and usually effortless come dinner time. Plus, i love the way it makes my house smell all day. I make chicken crockpot recipes that I find online. I make a bunch, because Colten loves leftovers for lunch! Today I am making Skinny Chicken Enchiladas

DESSERT: You can't go to bed without something sweet...or at least I can't haha! I make chocolate protein shakes for Colten and I before bed! I mix ice, Almond milk, chocolate whey protein, a banana, almond butter, and sometimes chocolate chips! So yummy, and helps curve my chocolate craving! If I don't make a protein shake then I will grab a handful of almonds, and chocolate chips and thats my snack!!! :)



Right now I go on daily walks with Chooiee, and Marloe in our stroller! I am also doing Kayla Itsines BBG workouts on her app! Look up, SWEAT WITH KAYLA in the app store! I wear my iFit to track my steps and remind me to move!!!