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Holiday's in the City

Ciera Dastrup

I am a total city girl. I love exploring city streets, little cafes, and window shopping from the sidewalks! Marloe goes with my everywhere! And now that she is walking, I need stylish shoes that protect her little feet.

You guys, I seriously forget sometimes that Marloe can walk. I have left the house countless times with just socks on Marloe's feet. When she cries to get set down, I can't let her down because I forgot shoes! Oops! I recently got a couple pairs of Birdrock Baby moccs because not only are they dang adorable, but they are so easy to put on, and Marloe feels comfortable wearing them on her feet!

I love Birdrock Baby moccs! I keep a pair in my diaper bag, just in case I forget shoes! They easy to pack around and Marloe actually LOVES wearing them! I love dressing her up around the color of moccs she is wearing! My favorite colors are Red, Gold, and the Espresso dark brown ones she is wearing in these pics!

Photos by Gabe Segura*