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MOMMA MOMENTS - The First Year

Ciera Dastrup


People aren't lying when they say how fast time goes with your kids. I could swear I was just pregnant, about to have Marloe. And that was a year ago! MARLOE IS 1 TODAY! Where did time go? And when did my tiny baby turn into a walking & talking toddler??? We are celebrating Marloe hardcore today, and also while we are in Utah & Seattle for Christmas....but I want to take a few minutes to really go over this last year, and talk about some momma moments I have loved and....some not so much.

For me, being pregnant was amazing. I didn't have any major sickness, and since I was pretty active, I felt like I looked pretty good! Guys....although I didn't "feel" like I looked any different while pregnant (besides my belly) I totally did! At the time I didn't notice the small changes, but when I look at pictures I can definitely notice the change!! I cringe at some of the photos, but then remember how i felt, and what the amazing outcome was. I think the next pregnancy around though, I will take more bump pictures, instead of trying to hide it with clothes and layers. I also want to really document my next pregnancy, that's something I so regret not doing!

Giving birth was one of my favorite things! Seriously I loved the entire experience, and being in the hospital and getting taken care of was pretty nice. I had an epidural, so things went pretty smoothly, and I felt super comfortable! Marloe came quick, and healing wasn't super bad for me in in general. I shed off the pounds those first couple weeks after having her, and then hit a plateau! That's when I started to feel pretty gross, and I had this major desire to get off my butt and run or workout. (Except I couldn't quite yet, so that was hard!) I started taking Marloe on "Target" walks because it was still to cold outside, and that helped a lot. I really urge new moms to get outside or get out of the house! It will make you feel 100 times better, and like a normal person.

I hate to say it, but those first few months (0-3) were some of the best and worst months ever with Marloe. Adjusting to being a parent, and being a Milk Pacifier is hard. You also go through weird sleep patterns with your new baby...and you get hardly ANY sleep. Your baby can't sit up, or do anything really, and they don't want to be put down....so you are holding them CONSTANTLY. And it's so hard!!!! But also, you get lots of baby snuggles and that's awesome :) Like I said before, I tried to get out of the house a lot and that helped immensely. I think things really started getting easier and much more enjoyable (I enjoyed it all, but some things more than others) when Marloe was finally more social and alert! I loved when she started to notice toys and was entertained by objects. It not only made my life much easier, but it was also fun going out and buying her new stuff! :)

By the time Marloe was 4 months, my milk (sorry if TMI) finally wasn't pouring out of me! I was waiting for so long for it to regulate, and it was pretty depressing when it didn't and my clothes would get soaked constantly! I hated that feeling!!!!!! Nursing has been so great and easy for Marloe and I, but I'll admit I am feeling pretty done and over it at this point. (YEP, still nursing) I am more of a pacifier that I am anything else....and I am thinking of weaning her Late December/January. Any tips for that would be awesome!!!!!!!

We took Marloe on lots of awesome trips, but really those trips were for Colten and I!!!! We needed a break from routine, and getting out of the house always felt SO GOOD. Marloe has flown about 100 times in her young life, and it has always gone pretty smoothly....except for maybe a couple times. (Flight to Hawaii she puked all over my mom and I, and a flight to Seattle she bawled the WHOLE TIME). Traveling is something Colten and I absolutely love, and hope to do more of some day! We are hoping maybe next year to go on a trip without Marloe, but who knows! I honestly feel more at peace having her with us! Maybe that will change when she is a stinky & naughty toddler lol.

One of our trips this last Summer was to Kauai, and that was SO fun. Marloe was the perfect age (5 almost 6 months), and would just sit up in the sand under the shade and play with toys! It made my life so much easier when she started sitting up, and I felt much more in control of myself again because I wasn't constantly having to hold her. After that point, I felt things kept getting better and easier! She could eat on her own, play with more toys, and began to crawl and talk. My favorite was when she started to talk, and signal what she wanted with signs! Her current list of words are (MAMA, DADA, YES, OH, CHOO(for chooiee), DOG, PUPPY, NURSE, CHEESE, POOPOO) When babies talk its the BEST.

Now Marloe is running everywhere, destroying our Christmas tree, and jumping all over Chooiee. Her favorite food is Blackberries, rice, and cheese....and she enjoys trying to eat Chooiee's food as well. She is a stinker, and always wants her way. She has an attitude as well, and will hit you if she gets upset, and then will immediately kiss you after. We freaking love our little Marloe, and cannot imagine life without her!

Some of my favorite motherhood so far:
-When Marloe first smiled at me
-When Marloe first tried baby food
-When Marloe first fell asleep in Colten's arms (and without my boob)
-When we took Marloe to Disneyland
-When Marloe first played in the ocean
-When Marloe ate a fist full of sand and liked it
-When Marloe first started hugging Colten and I
-When a Monkey jumped on Marloes head in Costa Rica
-When we took Marloes first passport photo
-When Marloe started saying mama and dada
-When Marloe started picking up food on her own to eat it
-When Marloe cried and hugged me for comfort
-When Marloe started giving us kisses
-When Marloe started dancing to music
-When Marloe goes "OH!" when she does something naughty
-When Marloe started snuggling Chooiee
-When Marloe began walking

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Photos by Gabe Segura*