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Just the Two of Us

Ciera Dastrup

When Colten heads to work, Marloe and I get to hang out just the two of us! Although a lot of days are spent at home, me cleaning/working and Marloe getting into messes....I do like to get out of the house with her every so often!

I think it's so important to leave the house, not only for my own sanity, but for Marloe as well! I love taking Marloe to Parks, walks around the city, and even museums and the Zoo!

She may not completely understand everything yet, but I know she is started to get a lot of the activities we do together. I'm so excited for the day we move to Seattle, and I can take her to the big city, Pikes Place Market, and even the ocean on a weekly basis! YAY!

Lately I have felt like I am in a rut, and I find myself feeling bored or anxious/depressed! This always happens when I am home, and not out doing anything. So like I said earlier, I NEED to leave my house daily! :)

In these photos, I took Marloe to Old Town Albuquerque, where there are lots of venders, restaurants, and shops! We explored, and had a lot of fun in the cool Fall weather! Marloe is wearing a sweatsuit from Purl Lamb, that I am absolutely obsessed with! She stays warm, comfy, and stylish on all our outdoor outings!
All outfit details are below! :) Have a great day!