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Leavenworth & Lake Chelan Travel Diary

Ciera Dastrup

Finally getting this post up from our amazing 10 day cross country road trip to Washington. We normally fly everywhere, but decided this trip to drive from Albuquerque to Seattle. Thats a 23 hour drive people!!!!! Not sure what we were thinking, but it made for some awesome adventures, and some great family bonding.

We have a tradition with Colten's family every year for the Fourth. We usually go to Ocean Shores, WA, rent a house by the beach, and spend days lighting off fireworks! Its a super fun tradition, but this year we were a little late at booking a house, and just decided to make other plans. We still of course wanted to spend the Fourth in Washington, like we always do, because there is truly nothing like it. 

We decided to drive, after one of Colten's uncle's that lives in Boise, said he was planning on going down to Washington with his family on the Fourth as well. So knowing Boise was on the road to WA, we decided to drive from Albuquerque to Boise through the night...and stay at his uncles house for one day. We have never driven through the night before, and it was one of the hardest things ever. Marloe slept the whole time, but Colten and I felt absolutely wrecked for days after. Boise was fun, and his uncle took us to some cool cafes downtown, and then we visited a Water Park with kids & Marloe. We spent the whole day outside, and had a blast.

The next morning we woke up early to head out on the road. We had a 7-8 hour drive to Leavenworth, WA. I had never been or even heard of Leavenworth, and was super excited to explore it. Once we got to the house we were staying out, we dropped off our things and went to explore this little Bavarian town in the mountains. As you can see from my pictures, this town looks like it belongs in the Swiss Alps. I am not kidding when I say, I felt like I was in Europe. Leavenworth was an old logging/timber town, that lost its main railroad and became pretty desolate. So a couple guys decided to make this beautiful town into a tourist destination by incorporating the Bavarian theme. Read all about it HERE. Anyway, its  pretty special place, and already can't wait to go back. We had the most amazing German Sausages at a cool little spot called Munchen Haus. This place is so authentic, and had a line outside the door! We stopped at a quaint little coffee house, and I got the best Vanilla Chai EVER. I seriously didn't want to leave, and one day was not enough to see everything there. If you wanna visit Leavenworth, learn about what to do/stay/eat HERE.

The next day we woke up early again, and set out to Lake Chelan. It's about 2 hours away from Leavenworth, and is one of the prettiest drives I have ever been on. You drive through beautiful towns nested on mountains, with orchards everywhere. There are fresh fruit stands, with the best cherries, grapes, and just about ANYTHING you can imagine nested along the sides of the road. Lake Chelan is a massive beautiful lake right between all these beautiful orchards. We stopped there for a few hours to swim, and then hopped back in the car and just followed the road alongside the lake. We stopped at this super cute fruit stand called Sunshine Farm Market. We sat and ate cherries, grape tomatoes, and fresh french bread. Right behind this little market was a bunch of goats, and some apples to feed them. These goats were up on this mountain, with orchards all around them....it was the prettiest sight I have ever seen. 

After we had our lunch at the fruit stand, we made our way back on the road along the lake. We saw a bunch of rocks, and decided to pull over and jump off the rocks and into the lake. This lake has the most clear blue water I have ever seen a lake have. It was like jumping into the Caribbean ocean, but WAY colder haha. After our rock jumping adventure, we climbed back in our Jeep, and headed to Colten's parents house in Seattle.

For the Fourth, we set up a nice spot to relax all day right on a beach that was about 10 minutes away from his parents house. We had the perfect massive spot all to ourselves, for a day in the sun! We ate good food, played games, ate some more, and just spent some time together watching the waves go by! It was such a fun day, and we headed back home just in time to watch a awesome firework display right on the lake in front of Colten's parents house.

It was such an amazing 10 days, and I am counting down the days until we can do it all again next year. Hopefully by then we will be living in Washington! Hope you enjoyed my travel diary, and if you have any questions...comment them below!