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COSTA RICA Travel Diary

Ciera Dastrup


Oh my gosh. We are officially home. As much as I absolutely love traveling, I also LOVE coming home after a (very) long trip. There is nothing better than climbing into your own bed, and getting back into your routine! We had such a blast in Costa Rica, and made so many memories I will cherish for ever! Here is a little summary of our trip! 


We took this trip with Colten's family, three babies, 8 adults! Flying into Costa Rica was no easy feat. We took a 6am flight from Albuquerque to Salt Lake City, had a 3 hour layover, before flying to LAX. We landed in LA at 12, and took a shuttle to our hotel there. We stayed 1 night in LA, before departing to Costa Rica! After a 6 hour flight from LA, we finally made it. Unfortunately our rental home was 3.5 hours from the airport. So we took our rental cars and made the drive in the dark!

Our home we rented, was AMAZING. We got there in the dark, so it wasn't until morning that we actually saw where we were and our surroundings. Holy moly, prettiest place ever! Our house was up on a cliff in the jungle trees, and overlooked the ocean! There were monkeys, birds, and animals everywhere. The entire house had massive glass doors that opened up to the outside, a pool, and a deck overlooking the jungle and ocean! Pure heaven.

We spent days at the beach, exploring waterfalls off the side of roads, and ate some yummy local food! One of my favorite places we visited was called Manuel Antonio, and it was a little city with awesome shops, and amazing food, and has an amazing national park with the best beaches! We saw sloths in the trees, monkeys and plenty of Iguanas! 

One of the days, we took a boat through the Mangrove Monkey trees, and monkeys literally jumped all over the boat and would jump onto us and eat out of our hands. These weren't tame domesticated monkeys, these were wild crazy monkeys!!!!!! We saw crocodiles in this little river, and I watched as Colten held the tiniest baby croc! It was so cute....but I didn't dare hold it. Marloe had monkeys stepping on her head, and my sis in law even got scratched by one.

The boys took on lots of excursions! They went snorkeling, white water rafting, and went on a couple hikes without us girls! We couldn't do those things with the babies!!! So while they did their thing, we drove around and explored! :) 

Costa Rica was such a fun vacation experience, but definitely not super baby friendly haha! Would love to hear recommendations of awesome baby friendly trips below!!! Also, if you have any questions let me know in the comments.