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Pacific Washington Travel Diary

Ciera Dastrup

Practically all Marloes outfits are from TROISBEAUXBEBES

If you follow me on social media, you saw we spent the Fourth in Washington. Colten's family spends the fourth in a little city called Ocean Shores, WA every year. When I was dating Colten he invited me to go, I was so nervous because it was my first trip with him and his family...but it absolutely exceeded my expectations and now the Fourth not in Ocean Shores wouldn't be the same!

This year we stayed in a town right next to Ocean Shores, called Pacific! The house was RIGHT on the beach! It was honestly so ideal for babies! My sister in laws both have babies almost the exact same age as Marloe, so we were happy to be right on the beach with easy access back to the house if we needed to nurse or put the babies down. The weather was so nice this trip, and we spent so much time outside!! We walked the beach, had bonfires, played games, and let the babies sit in the sand and play! Marloe is such a water baby, and she wanted to get in the water so bad....but pretty sure it was negative 20 degrees! So cold!!!!!!

The morning of the Fourth we walked around the town, ate ice cream, had delicious pizza, and played games inside! The boys went crazy with the fireworks outside, and us girls stayed inside with our sleeping babies and watched from the window! Haha, so lame, but life with a baby definitely changes things!

I can't wait to move to Seattle, and be close to family! It's so hard living in a city without ANY family around! I want Marloe to be able to play with her cousins, and I of course want people to hang out with. I am seriously counting down the days until we move! Anyway, hope your Fourth was awesome!!! Have an amazing day!!!