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Kauai Travel Diary + Homeaway

Ciera Dastrup

We honestly had the best time in Kauai. To me it is one of the most beautiful places on earth! Definitely an underestimated island of Hawaii! It was such a smooth easy going trip, but filled with so much adventure and firsts for our little Marloe! Ill be sharing all my Kauai photos in a second post later this week, so stay tuned!

Our first couple of days on Kauai were what my dad liked to call "A warm up to our vacation". We spent the first 4 days on the East side of the island in Lihue, at a hotel called Kauai Beach Resort. It is seriously minutes from the airport, and near one of my favorite beaches in Poipu! Those first 4 days I didn't have Colten with me, since he had to work, so it was Marloe and I in our very own room! We spent our days at the pool, visiting nearby beaches, and eating some of the yummiest food! I also had my fair share of virgin Pina coladas....I LOVE them!!!

Finally Colten got there for the last day of our stay at Kauai Beach Resort! We woke up early and headed north to Princeville where our Homeaway house was located! You know that feeling little kids sometimes get, complete over excitement over something small? Yeah well I experienced that the second we walked into our Homeaway house! I was like a little kid running around checking the place out and picking my favorite room for Colten and I to stay in! The house was literally the cutest thing ever, it had more than enough space for all 13 of us. (Me, Colten, Marloe, My sister Arielle & her husband Nick & their two little boys, my brother Scott, his wife Hillary and their 2 kids, & my parents!) It was so cute inside, I kept telling Colten I wanted to redo our whole house and redecorate it the way they had!

For those of you that have never stayed in a rental house on vacation, you're missing out!!!!!!! Having our entire family all in one place was so dang fun! During down times we were all together, playing games, painting, eating, and watching movies! You can't do that when you're all in separate hotel rooms! Also, I prefer having a kitchen on vacation. I don't like eating out for every meal, and like being able to purchase groceries and make at least a couple of meals a day. You can save so much money that way, and it also helps you to eat healthy on your trip! (Which is important to me!!!!) I also feel so much more comfortable in a house, and most of the time renting a house costs the same as staying in a hotel anyway! :)

Okay so we spent one week staying in Princeville/Kauai at our Homeaway rental! I am sharing some of the activities we did on Kauai for all of you, also don't forget to check out that video and hit SUBSCRIBE for more awesome videos filmed and edited by Scott Dastrup (my brother!)


Queens bath is an awesome & beautiful natural tide pool that is just walking distance from the rental we stayed in. It is a short hike, and easy to do with little ones!! It was pretty muddy on the trail, but took about 5-8 minutes to hike down to it. It was unreal beautiful and I highly recommend visiting it if you're ever in Kauai!

Hanalei is the cutest little town a few minutes from Princeville. I'm pretty obsessed with it! It has lots of restaurants, shops, and fruit stands! Right when you drive into Hanalei from Princeville there is a place called Kayak Hanalei. You can rent Kayaks for pretty cheap, and kayak down the Hanalei river into Hanalei Bay! Hanalei Bay is a beautiful beach, with lots to do! It is actually a locals favorite! We couldn't kayak with Marloe since she was too young, but the rest of my family did it! We met them at the beach, and my mom watched Marloe as Colten and I kayaked around the bay!!! It was so cool!

I loved these two beaches because they were super kid friendly! They had little areas where they made small kiddie pools out of the beach. We went to these beaches a lot for the kiddos! At PoiPu beach, there is amazing snorkeling, and the beach always had either turtles or Sea Lions on it every time we were there!!! I love marine life, so this was awesome for me and my nieces and nephews loved it!

This beach's beauty is UNREAL. It is so lush, and the water is so blue and beautiful! If your looking for big body surfing waves, then this beach is the best for that!!! It also has a large cave across from the beach that is really cool to walk into. It is really close to the Na Pali Coast hike as well!

This is what Kauai is known for. The Na Pali coast is not accessible by car! You have to hike to even visit any of the beaches along this coast! It is one of those places you have to see to believe. This is a hike that can be as long or as short as you want, so it's easy for kids depending on the amount you want to do!

Mini golfing is fun, but have you ever done it in the lush gardens of Kauai? This mini golf course doubled as a botanic garden, which I loved! It was sooooo pretty, and was a fun activity for the kids and adults! If you want a break from the sunny beach, then this is the perfect activity for you!

This is a beautiful trail that leads to a waterfall and rope swing! The trail is very easy, and is flat the whole way. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the waterfall/rope swing, and it was so worth it! We packed lunches, and ate while we played in the water! This was by far one of my favorite days!

My family rented bikes in Kapaa, and spent the day biking along the coast! Biking is a fun way to enjoy the beach, without getting in! Plus you get some exercise in, and can bike to different food trucks or restaurants!!!

We had a perfect stay at our Homeway home, away from home! I love Hawaii, and Kauai is definitely one of my favorite islands!!!! Stay tuned for more travel adventures, posts, and videos!!! All of the info for our Homeaway.com rental is linked HERE!!! This trip was sponsored by Homeaway.com