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Destin, Florida Travel Diary

Ciera Dastrup

Finally sharing my travel diary from our short trip to Destin, Florida! It was such a fun trip, and I couldn't believe how beautiful and tropical it was there!

Colten's work scheduled his annual work conference in Destin this year! You can bring your spouse to these trips, so even though it was work for him...it was a vacation for Marloe and I! We flew into a tiny airport called Fort Wayne-Destin airport and I'm not kidding when I say TINY! There are like 4 gates hah! The travel day was so easy breezy with Marloe, and she slept the entire time on both flights!!!! We were blessed! When we got to Destin, Colten realized he lost his ID, and so we couldn't get our rental car :( We took a shuttle to the hotel instead, which wasn't so bad. But not having a car sucked reallllly bad!

When we got to the hotel, I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was! It's called Sandestin, and the entire grounds of the hotel is 7 miles long! It includes 2 malls, spas, multiple hotel buildings, a wharf, a shipping dock, golf course, and basically everything! So having a car wasn't so bad, because there were multiple shuttles that picked you up and took you around the hotel!

The first day I woke up early and Marloe and I went on a long beach walk! There are not many better things than walking on the beach early in the morning. I held Marloe in my Blooming Bath Carrier and she fell asleep. I watched dolphins from the shore, and saw tons of crabs all around the beach! If I lived by a beach, I would go walking every morning and night.

That day was a little cloudy, so me and some of the other wives decided it would be a good shopping/biking day! We went and rented some bikes and I got one with a little baby seat, and strapped Marloe in! She LOVED it, guess I need to get a bike now! We bikes around the island, and then biked to a really nice mall. We shopping around, and then stopped at Tommy Bahamas Restaurant. The food was so amazing, seafood always tastes better by the ocean! :)

That night we took a yacht out and had a fancy dinner with Colten's work team. It was so fun being out on the water. It was a bit stormy which was scary, but also kind of thrilling. Lightening kept striking the ocean and it would light up the dark sky!

The next days were spent literally all day at the pool and beach! I had to keep going from the room to the beach to feed Marloe and give her a break from the sun, it was so hot! A couple of the nights Colten got out of meetings early and got to spend some time down on the beach with us. We seriously LOVE the ocean. I hope Marloe grows to love it too. :)
So all in all it was a fun little trip! If you're looking for an awesome beach vacation stateside, I definitely recommend Destin! It reminds me so much of Cancun Mexico! (The beaches anyway) I didn't take very many pictures, because I was usually just chillin with Marloe! But I linked the swimsuits and items I brought with me below!!!