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Carry On Travel Essentials - With Baby

Ciera Dastrup

When Colten and I started dating, we traveled A LOT. Back and forth countless times to and from Seattle, and in one year alone when to Hawaii 3 times! The year we got married we traveled to New York, Aruba, Hawaii, Mexico, Seattle, San Diego, and Malibu all by airplane within just 6 months! Flying was fun and relaxing and I enjoyed it!
I remember I filled my carry on with magazines, books, and loaded my iPad up with movies for myself! The flights always went by so quickly too! That is NOT the case when traveling with babies haha!

Marloe has flown on 12 flights, and in ten days will take her 13th. It has gotten harder and harder every single time! She is getting bigger, and is so wiggly and no longer sleeps through the flight like she once did! Mamas that have flown with kids know that flights are ALL about keeping your kids entertained and in their seats! Its no longer a relaxing time thats for sure!
For mamas that need some advice on what to bring in your carry on with a baby, I came up with a list of MUST HAVE items! Every baby is different of course, so this is a pretty general list of items that work for Marloe and I!

My CARRY ON BAG: I take my diaper bag with me as my carry on! Mine is from Petunia Picklebottom! It has lots of compartments and enough space for all that her and I need!

DIAPERS & WIPES: Duh! This is a no brainer! You will absolutely need diapers and wipes with you on the flight! Babies can get really gassy during the flight, and a gassy baby can lead to a poopy baby real fast! Make sure your wipes are full too! Wipes are awesome for cleaning off yours and your babies hands too! My diapers here are from Honest Company, and the wipes are Bloom Baby! (These wipes rock and are now available at Target!!!)

TOYS: Marloe is right at the age that she loves to grab, suck, and play with toys! (It's such a fun stage!) I always have at least 2 toys in her diaper bag for the plane ride! Toys are a great distraction, even if it's for just ten minutes!

iPad or iPhone BABY GAMES: I downloaded some baby games from fisher price on my phone and iPad! She loves the bright colors from the games and it definitely helps to distract her for a little bit on the plane!

A BABY PILLOW: This I have found is a definitely must! I have heard of mamas bringing full sized pillows on the plane with them for their baby to lay across when they fall asleep. I prefer a smaller baby pillow because it fits in my diaper bag. If your baby falls asleep it can be super hard to hold them for a long time. So if you're traveling with someone you can lay the pillow across your laps and your baby can sleep soundly! Plus it frees up your hands! :) Mine is from Ooh Noo!

A BAG FOR YOU: I keep a mini bag in my diaper bag and it always comes in handy on the plane. I keep Chapstick, Tylenol, hair band, face wipes, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer in it! My MIL who is a flight attendant said the dirtiest part of the plane is the tray table, so now I am always using the antibacterial wipes to wipe it down before I or Marloe touch it!!! I got all this stuff from Target!

ONESIE & BURP CLOTH: I always bring extra clothes for the baby with me! Blow outs are sometimes inevitable. Imagine being stuck on a plane with your baby after a blowout with NO change of clothes! I always have 1-2 onesies in my carry on!!! Also, I take a burp cloth with me everywhere, it always comes in handy! Mine is from TroisBeauxBebes!

Of course every baby is different and in different stages! I'll definitely make a new list as M grows and needs new things! What do you bring with you on the plane for your little one? Share in comments below!