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Seattle - B & Me NYC

Ciera Dastrup



Hello! Writing you from Seattle! Last week on Thursday we decided it would be fun to take a last minute trip up to Seattle to visit with Colten's family! Colten grew up in Washington, and most of his family is still there, and a lot of his extended family haven't met Marloe! So we thought it would be the perfect opportunity! Plus I never pass up on a trip, and especially one taking me to one of my favorite cities! SEATTLE!

This was Marloes 7th flight and the longest one yet! ABQ to Seattle is about a 3 hour non stop flight! I was hoping Marloe would sleep most of the flight, but that was not the case! She was so uncomfortable, and cried and fussed nearly the whole time. It was so sad, because there was nothing I could do to comfort her, and she didn't feel like nursing whatsoever! But we FINALLY made it, and I was so ready to get her off that plane! I will be doing a post soon about traveling with a baby, once I figure it out myself. :)

On Saturday we went into downtown Seattle, which is about 15 minutes away from where Colten grew up! I am obsessed with this city. It's right on the ocean, and I love the rainy urban vibe of Seattle. I am convinced that there is no prettier city. One of my favorite (crazy tourist) areas of Seattle is Pikes Place Market. There are so many flower shops, fruit stands, and just about everything else you see at a farmers market! I love going through the endless rows of flowers and it was SO nice having my B & Me NYC jacket with me! Marloe was in it for 10 minutes, and I look down and she is OUT! She slept so good, and it was a bit rainy, so she kept warm on my chest the entire time! It was also super crowded, so I felt good knowing she was wrapped up tight on me in such a warm (& cute) jacket!!!

This jacket is cute even without carrying a sleeping baby in it! It's so versatile, and can even be worn as a maternity jacket! It is super high quality material, and I can tell it will last me a long time! (And last for each one of my babies!)
It's warm enough for a cold Winter day, but also light enough for a Summer night! Baby carrying-jacket bliss, and you mamas all need it now! So go check them out on B & Me NYC site!