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Travel Packing Tips

Ciera Dastrup

Hi Jet Setters! You all know how much I love traveling! I've traveled quite a bit these last few years and I've learned a lot about how to efficiently pack! So I decided to share my tips with all of you! Enjoy, and if you have anymore questions comment them below!


Beauty Products-

1. Pack only the essentials when it comes to makeup! Don't bring your whole makeup bag, unless you plan on using every single item in there! Go through it a couple days before and take out the products you maybe won't be needing to use while on your trip. Makeup also can add a lot of weight to your suitcase! So pack light, especially if its a tropical vacation and you won't be needing very much or any makeup anyway!

2. Skincare products are a big deal to me, and I don't go anywhere without them! My tip to you is to bring the items you're currently using. Sometimes when you go on vacation and change up your skincare routine/products your skin might react negatively to the change! Also remember the climate of where you're heading and pack your skincare accordingly! Always bring moisturizer, and don't forget to wash your face! I also recommend bringing a toner mist, that will help hydrate your skin for any climate! My favorite is by Creme Simon!

3. I usually don't bring my shampoo and conditioner I use at home, with me on vacation. They are huge bottles, and way to big/heavy to pack! Most of the time I buy small cheaper shampoo/conditioner from the drugstore to bring with me. My favorite to buy for tropical trips is Aussie Miraculously Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner! It smells amazing, and helps to keep your hair smooth after being in the salty ocean waves all day! 

4. I usually don't ever bring straighteners/curling irons/blow dryer with me on tropical vacations! I let me hair air-dry naturally and always seem to love how the ocean gives my hair a subtle wave. It's nice to not have to worry about packing those bigger items, and have them take up space in your suitcase! If your hair needs a little extra push to have those natural air dried waves try this amazing Sea Spray from Redken! I take it with me on every vacation!


1. For a while I was either under packed or over packed for vacations. I finally decided I would write a list of what I needed to bring, and outfits I could mix&match together. I highly recommend the list! If you're planning a 5 day trip, pack for just those 5 days! Write down outfit choices, and then the day you pack you will feel stress free knowing exactly what you're putting in your suitcase. 

2. Pack according to the weather! Check the weather before you leave on your trip! If you notice one day it will be cold and rainy you will know to bring a jacket or sweater for those chilly nights. It's smart to ALWAYS bring a light jacket. They are awesome for cold plane rides, and you never know when it might get colder than expected. 

3. Buy new and fun things for your trip. I don't know about you but I always love getting a few new things for my vacations! It's fun to have to swim suits for the beach, or a cute new pair of sunglasses for those extra bright days! Usually people take lots of pictures on their vacations, and what better way to feel your best than in a new outfit! A few of my favorite places to buy beach wear is: ASOS, SWELL, BECCA SWIM, LUSH, FOREVER 21.

4. Shoes are always a tough one for me when packing. They take up so much space, and usually I don't want them rubbing up against my clean clothes. I make sure I always bring 2-3 pairs of sandals, booties (I wear on the plane), and 1 pair of tennis shoes! (This is for tropical vacations). This also really depends on how long you're staying. If you bring neutral colored shoes, you can pair them with anything and not have to worry about bringing a lot of shoes to try and color coordinate with your outfits! 

Airplane/Carry on Items-

1. I love packing up my airplane carry-on! I always have these items in my carry on no matter where I am going: Headphones (frends), hand sanitizer, hand lotion, chap-stick (Burts Bees), floss, ibuprofen, fashion/celeb gossip magazines, MAC makeup powder, iPad, snacks (trail mix is my favorite, because you get sweet & salty), and of course my neck pillow haha it's a life saver for those early or late flights. Bring items in your carry on that maybe you don't 'always' need but are good to have on hand for those 'just in case' moments. Also, snacks are a must.

2. Wear comfy items on the plane, and especially comfy shoes! For those long plane rides I usually take my shoes off....but if you're hesitant about that then be sure your shoes are comfy enough to wear all flight. Also tight non stretchy jeans are a big NO NO, they will feel so uncomfortable during the duration of the flight, wear stretchy jeans or sweats instead. 

Hope these tips helped! & Happy Flying!