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Mexico Vacation-Week 1

Ciera Dastrup

Hi!!! I have been loving Mexico! It definitely has exceeded my expectations! We have been staying at a beach house that is amazing, and in the best location...right in Playa Del Carmen! We have an amazing cook at the house, who has been cooking us authentic Mexican dinners every night for dinner! The food is so good, I don't think a Mexican restaurant in the states will ever compare. So when we first got here, we spent the day laying on the beach by our house, and watched the super bowl! Then the second day we went to a beach specifically for turtle snorkeling! Snorkeled with the turtles, and couldn't believe how cool the reef was at that beach. We also went to a place called Xel-Ha, which is comparable to a beach/natural Disney Land for snorkelers! It was by far the most beautiful place I had EVER seen, we ended up going back again another day! It had zip-lines, river tubing, amazing snorkeling (with beautiful fish!), cave swimming, and more food than you could ever eat! We also visited the Mayan ruins in Coba, and in Tulum! Both were incredible, and very interesting! I loved biking through the historic ruins, and walking to the top of the Mayan temple! So far, I have LOVED Mexico! It's going to be hard coming home!