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KiniSwimwear + Mexico

Ciera Dastrup

Hello from Mexico!!!! I have been having seriously an amazing time here! I saw ruins, amazing beaches, snorkeled through caves, held monkeys, and ate WAY TO MUCH!!......at least I had a cute suit on while doing it!!

Anyway! Today I am talking about this awesome swimwear company called KINI-SWIMWEAR!! This isn't your average swimwear company though....because YOU get to design your very own suit!!! You pick out your swim style, width, and color!!! Almost every part of the swimsuit is color changeable! I designed mine above with a bright mint green, a pop of orange, and added some black and white stripes! I can't wait to design more, and mix & match colors and styles; it's seriously so much fun!

 Head on over to their website, and design your own!!! ----> KINI SWIMWEAR

Follow them on IG: @KINISWIMWEAR