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Honeymoon <3

Ciera Dastrup

Hellllllo! Its been a few weeks since the honeymoon to Aruba but since its our ONE MONTH anniversary I thought it was the perfect time to share them! We stayed in Aruba for 7 days at a hotel called Divi Golf & Beach Resort! It was right next to the clear blue ocean and had a beautiful view over looking the green grasses of the resort. We loved Aruba, such a different culture than the US. For those of you that don't know, Aruba is located of the coast of , and is considered a Caribbean Island but is much closer to South America. It is owned by the Dutch, and most of the people there speak Danish or Spanish. The beaches there were of course amazing and breathtakingly beautiful & the food was to die for as well. We loved going out to eat but we also loved hitting up the grocery stores and making our own meals for those long beach days. The grocery stores were unlike anything I had ever seen! They had food influenced by not only South America but Europe as well. Their cheese and bread isle was huge, and they had a million assortments of danish's and desserts...and don't even get me started on the candy/chocolate isle. AHMAZING. :) I'll explain a little after each picture! Enjoy, and VISIT ARUBA!

Sky Club in NYC before our flight to ARUBA.

The beach in front of our hotel! Divi Beach!

Our first beach day! The water was so warm and clear.

Fresh coconuts everywhere, and this cool lighthouse called California Lighthouse.

We had a lot of beach time!

These babies were EVERYWHERE

Probably someones home...

Hangin around the rocky side of the island.


We discovered a private beach.

Our private beach

Candy isle at grocery store.....

Just some donkeys.

Our last day we went to a butterfly farm!

Exploring ruins.

On our last day, Colten took me to the fanciest restaurant.