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HAWAII + ORLANDO Vacation Diary

Ciera Dastrup


Every year in September Colten’s family tries to plan a big vacation together! I always loook forward to hanging out with his family, and getting Marloe and her cousins together to play! We usually vacation on Maui or Kauai, but we changed it up this year…and vacationed to The Big Island of Hawaii…..and now it might be our favorite island!! Already planning our Hawaii trip for next year there. :)

We stayed in a vacation home, in an area called Mauna Lani. It was near a resort, and an amazing private beach that we had access too. We loved that beach, and it had every amenity we could want. Sometimes the beach with kids…can be very difficult. But this place had cabanas, crystal clear water, and a restaurant for easy access to food/drinks/bathroom. We went to that beach 3 times while we were there, and LOVED it.

We drove up the mountain to Waimea Valley, and visited the most beautiful farming town. It had stunning rolling hills, and honestly didn’t even feel like we were in Hawaii….it was heavenly being up there. We went to a farmers market & got some of the yummiest treats & gifts to take home. We bought fresh mangoes, and ate our weight in them daily. No joke, Marloe eats the whole mango including the skin….she is slightly obsessed with them.

We went on an amazing adventure tour through Waipio Canyon. We learned some amazing history about the Hawaiian islands, and saw views that were out of this world. Marloe and Sorel slept the entire tour….which is crazy because it was the bumpiest ride through rivers, over hills/rocks, and down the most narrow path. MY KIDS SLEEP THROUGH EVERYTHING LOL. We even got to feed and pet wild horses along the way.

The last day, we went to this black and white coral sand beach. We went snorkeling and saw so many turtles. Marloe and her cousins even got to see a sleeping turtle on the beach. :)


Colten had a work conference in Orlando, at Walt Disney World. We took Sorel (since I am still breastfeeding her), and left Marloe with my mom. We literally flew from Hawaii, all the way to Florida…..it took 12 hours. & we were at a 6 hour time difference. We felt wrecked, but finally adjusted. We stayed at the Four Seasons Walt Disney Resort hotel, and it was by far the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at. Colten was in meetings all day, while I hung out at the pool & shopped at Disney Springs. We went to Disney one day, and had so much fun going on rides.

I am still in that awkward postpartum stage, where I am not quite comfortable in a swimsuit…but I found some AMAZING swimsuits for our trips, that helped me feel my best!!! I linked all the suits/swim covers that I brought along with me for our trip to Hawaii & Orlando!




Park City Family Trip 2017 + VIDEO

Ciera Dastrup

This trip & post was sponsored by Homeaway, and Homeaway's partners. All my opinions are my own.*


It has taken a long while for this post to finally make it's debut. We had some marketing issues with this video, but finally we are able to post it and I'm so happy!!! I shared a blog post about this trip months back, but I wanted to share the video---and a bit more detail about the home we stayed at during this amazing trip!!!

We partnered with Homeaway, to showcase one of their amazing homes in Park City, Utah. When planning this trip, my sister and I scoured Homeaway's site and looked for the best possible home in the best possible place. As many of you know I am from Utah, and all my family still lives there. We wanted to get together for a family "staycation" (although Colten and I were living in Albuquerque at the time) somewhere not to far from everyone's home. We felt like Park City was the perfect option, and started planning!! 

We prefer to stay in homes with lots of bedrooms, bathrooms, big open living rooms/kitchens, and lots of space to play! This newly renovated home in Park City had all those amenities and more. Here are some awesome details about the home, in case you ever visit Park City and wanna stay here!

"Newly renovated 5-bed, 4.5 bath townhouse located on the bike path and across the street from the Park City Golf Course. Only 1 mile from Park City Mountain Resort, and 3 miles from Deer Valley. Gas fireplace, hot tub and 2-car garage add to the comfort of this spacious and updated townhouse. The upper level includes: a master bedroom (king) and private bath with balcony and beautiful mountain views; two upper level bedrooms with a queen, two full beds, and a shared full bath. Main level includes large kitchen and TV room, full dining area, fireplace, large balcony and half bath. It also includes a master suite with full bath. The fifth bedroom and full bath are located on the lower level with two full beds and twin bunks on top of each. Lower level also includes a large recreation room, pool table, sauna, and outdoor hot tub.

The property is located 1.4 miles from Main Street, on the bike path and bus route, and has a private walking trail to the supermarket and liquor store. The street ends in biking and hiking trails to enjoy outdoor activities without getting in a car. You are literally 1 block from the Park City Golf Club and .3 miles to Park City Mountain Resort.

Enjoy the excitement of Park City in a large and spacious townhouse only minutes from Main Street and ski resorts."

It is truly such a cool town home, located in the perfect area. The decor in the home was super modern and fun too! I loved all the cool wall art, and how each room felt bright, clean, and airy! We booked our stay over Easter, and spent our time decorated Easter cookies in the big open kitchen, soaking in the hot tub/sauna, Easter egg hunts with Easter baskets, and of course exploring beautiful Park City!!! 

In the video we talk about how much fun it is staying all under one roof with extended family. The cousins get one on one time with each other, and we don't all leave to our separate hotels/hotel rooms at the end of the night! We get all that extra time to play and have fun together. You truly don't need to fly hundreds of miles away for a fun trip with family! Find a rental home in your city or state and i'm sure you'll have the best time exploring a new or familiar place in a whole new way!!!



Leavenworth & Lake Chelan Travel Diary

Ciera Dastrup

Finally getting this post up from our amazing 10 day cross country road trip to Washington. We normally fly everywhere, but decided this trip to drive from Albuquerque to Seattle. Thats a 23 hour drive people!!!!! Not sure what we were thinking, but it made for some awesome adventures, and some great family bonding.

We have a tradition with Colten's family every year for the Fourth. We usually go to Ocean Shores, WA, rent a house by the beach, and spend days lighting off fireworks! Its a super fun tradition, but this year we were a little late at booking a house, and just decided to make other plans. We still of course wanted to spend the Fourth in Washington, like we always do, because there is truly nothing like it. 

We decided to drive, after one of Colten's uncle's that lives in Boise, said he was planning on going down to Washington with his family on the Fourth as well. So knowing Boise was on the road to WA, we decided to drive from Albuquerque to Boise through the night...and stay at his uncles house for one day. We have never driven through the night before, and it was one of the hardest things ever. Marloe slept the whole time, but Colten and I felt absolutely wrecked for days after. Boise was fun, and his uncle took us to some cool cafes downtown, and then we visited a Water Park with kids & Marloe. We spent the whole day outside, and had a blast.

The next morning we woke up early to head out on the road. We had a 7-8 hour drive to Leavenworth, WA. I had never been or even heard of Leavenworth, and was super excited to explore it. Once we got to the house we were staying out, we dropped off our things and went to explore this little Bavarian town in the mountains. As you can see from my pictures, this town looks like it belongs in the Swiss Alps. I am not kidding when I say, I felt like I was in Europe. Leavenworth was an old logging/timber town, that lost its main railroad and became pretty desolate. So a couple guys decided to make this beautiful town into a tourist destination by incorporating the Bavarian theme. Read all about it HERE. Anyway, its  pretty special place, and already can't wait to go back. We had the most amazing German Sausages at a cool little spot called Munchen Haus. This place is so authentic, and had a line outside the door! We stopped at a quaint little coffee house, and I got the best Vanilla Chai EVER. I seriously didn't want to leave, and one day was not enough to see everything there. If you wanna visit Leavenworth, learn about what to do/stay/eat HERE.

The next day we woke up early again, and set out to Lake Chelan. It's about 2 hours away from Leavenworth, and is one of the prettiest drives I have ever been on. You drive through beautiful towns nested on mountains, with orchards everywhere. There are fresh fruit stands, with the best cherries, grapes, and just about ANYTHING you can imagine nested along the sides of the road. Lake Chelan is a massive beautiful lake right between all these beautiful orchards. We stopped there for a few hours to swim, and then hopped back in the car and just followed the road alongside the lake. We stopped at this super cute fruit stand called Sunshine Farm Market. We sat and ate cherries, grape tomatoes, and fresh french bread. Right behind this little market was a bunch of goats, and some apples to feed them. These goats were up on this mountain, with orchards all around them....it was the prettiest sight I have ever seen. 

After we had our lunch at the fruit stand, we made our way back on the road along the lake. We saw a bunch of rocks, and decided to pull over and jump off the rocks and into the lake. This lake has the most clear blue water I have ever seen a lake have. It was like jumping into the Caribbean ocean, but WAY colder haha. After our rock jumping adventure, we climbed back in our Jeep, and headed to Colten's parents house in Seattle.

For the Fourth, we set up a nice spot to relax all day right on a beach that was about 10 minutes away from his parents house. We had the perfect massive spot all to ourselves, for a day in the sun! We ate good food, played games, ate some more, and just spent some time together watching the waves go by! It was such a fun day, and we headed back home just in time to watch a awesome firework display right on the lake in front of Colten's parents house.

It was such an amazing 10 days, and I am counting down the days until we can do it all again next year. Hopefully by then we will be living in Washington! Hope you enjoyed my travel diary, and if you have any questions...comment them below!

COSTA RICA Travel Diary

Ciera Dastrup


Oh my gosh. We are officially home. As much as I absolutely love traveling, I also LOVE coming home after a (very) long trip. There is nothing better than climbing into your own bed, and getting back into your routine! We had such a blast in Costa Rica, and made so many memories I will cherish for ever! Here is a little summary of our trip! 


We took this trip with Colten's family, three babies, 8 adults! Flying into Costa Rica was no easy feat. We took a 6am flight from Albuquerque to Salt Lake City, had a 3 hour layover, before flying to LAX. We landed in LA at 12, and took a shuttle to our hotel there. We stayed 1 night in LA, before departing to Costa Rica! After a 6 hour flight from LA, we finally made it. Unfortunately our rental home was 3.5 hours from the airport. So we took our rental cars and made the drive in the dark!

Our home we rented, was AMAZING. We got there in the dark, so it wasn't until morning that we actually saw where we were and our surroundings. Holy moly, prettiest place ever! Our house was up on a cliff in the jungle trees, and overlooked the ocean! There were monkeys, birds, and animals everywhere. The entire house had massive glass doors that opened up to the outside, a pool, and a deck overlooking the jungle and ocean! Pure heaven.

We spent days at the beach, exploring waterfalls off the side of roads, and ate some yummy local food! One of my favorite places we visited was called Manuel Antonio, and it was a little city with awesome shops, and amazing food, and has an amazing national park with the best beaches! We saw sloths in the trees, monkeys and plenty of Iguanas! 

One of the days, we took a boat through the Mangrove Monkey trees, and monkeys literally jumped all over the boat and would jump onto us and eat out of our hands. These weren't tame domesticated monkeys, these were wild crazy monkeys!!!!!! We saw crocodiles in this little river, and I watched as Colten held the tiniest baby croc! It was so cute....but I didn't dare hold it. Marloe had monkeys stepping on her head, and my sis in law even got scratched by one.

The boys took on lots of excursions! They went snorkeling, white water rafting, and went on a couple hikes without us girls! We couldn't do those things with the babies!!! So while they did their thing, we drove around and explored! :) 

Costa Rica was such a fun vacation experience, but definitely not super baby friendly haha! Would love to hear recommendations of awesome baby friendly trips below!!! Also, if you have any questions let me know in the comments. 

Pacific Washington Travel Diary

Ciera Dastrup

Practically all Marloes outfits are from TROISBEAUXBEBES

If you follow me on social media, you saw we spent the Fourth in Washington. Colten's family spends the fourth in a little city called Ocean Shores, WA every year. When I was dating Colten he invited me to go, I was so nervous because it was my first trip with him and his family...but it absolutely exceeded my expectations and now the Fourth not in Ocean Shores wouldn't be the same!

This year we stayed in a town right next to Ocean Shores, called Pacific! The house was RIGHT on the beach! It was honestly so ideal for babies! My sister in laws both have babies almost the exact same age as Marloe, so we were happy to be right on the beach with easy access back to the house if we needed to nurse or put the babies down. The weather was so nice this trip, and we spent so much time outside!! We walked the beach, had bonfires, played games, and let the babies sit in the sand and play! Marloe is such a water baby, and she wanted to get in the water so bad....but pretty sure it was negative 20 degrees! So cold!!!!!!

The morning of the Fourth we walked around the town, ate ice cream, had delicious pizza, and played games inside! The boys went crazy with the fireworks outside, and us girls stayed inside with our sleeping babies and watched from the window! Haha, so lame, but life with a baby definitely changes things!

I can't wait to move to Seattle, and be close to family! It's so hard living in a city without ANY family around! I want Marloe to be able to play with her cousins, and I of course want people to hang out with. I am seriously counting down the days until we move! Anyway, hope your Fourth was awesome!!! Have an amazing day!!!

Kauai Travel Diary + Homeaway

Ciera Dastrup

We honestly had the best time in Kauai. To me it is one of the most beautiful places on earth! Definitely an underestimated island of Hawaii! It was such a smooth easy going trip, but filled with so much adventure and firsts for our little Marloe! Ill be sharing all my Kauai photos in a second post later this week, so stay tuned!

Our first couple of days on Kauai were what my dad liked to call "A warm up to our vacation". We spent the first 4 days on the East side of the island in Lihue, at a hotel called Kauai Beach Resort. It is seriously minutes from the airport, and near one of my favorite beaches in Poipu! Those first 4 days I didn't have Colten with me, since he had to work, so it was Marloe and I in our very own room! We spent our days at the pool, visiting nearby beaches, and eating some of the yummiest food! I also had my fair share of virgin Pina coladas....I LOVE them!!!

Finally Colten got there for the last day of our stay at Kauai Beach Resort! We woke up early and headed north to Princeville where our Homeaway house was located! You know that feeling little kids sometimes get, complete over excitement over something small? Yeah well I experienced that the second we walked into our Homeaway house! I was like a little kid running around checking the place out and picking my favorite room for Colten and I to stay in! The house was literally the cutest thing ever, it had more than enough space for all 13 of us. (Me, Colten, Marloe, My sister Arielle & her husband Nick & their two little boys, my brother Scott, his wife Hillary and their 2 kids, & my parents!) It was so cute inside, I kept telling Colten I wanted to redo our whole house and redecorate it the way they had!

For those of you that have never stayed in a rental house on vacation, you're missing out!!!!!!! Having our entire family all in one place was so dang fun! During down times we were all together, playing games, painting, eating, and watching movies! You can't do that when you're all in separate hotel rooms! Also, I prefer having a kitchen on vacation. I don't like eating out for every meal, and like being able to purchase groceries and make at least a couple of meals a day. You can save so much money that way, and it also helps you to eat healthy on your trip! (Which is important to me!!!!) I also feel so much more comfortable in a house, and most of the time renting a house costs the same as staying in a hotel anyway! :)

Okay so we spent one week staying in Princeville/Kauai at our Homeaway rental! I am sharing some of the activities we did on Kauai for all of you, also don't forget to check out that video and hit SUBSCRIBE for more awesome videos filmed and edited by Scott Dastrup (my brother!)


Queens bath is an awesome & beautiful natural tide pool that is just walking distance from the rental we stayed in. It is a short hike, and easy to do with little ones!! It was pretty muddy on the trail, but took about 5-8 minutes to hike down to it. It was unreal beautiful and I highly recommend visiting it if you're ever in Kauai!

Hanalei is the cutest little town a few minutes from Princeville. I'm pretty obsessed with it! It has lots of restaurants, shops, and fruit stands! Right when you drive into Hanalei from Princeville there is a place called Kayak Hanalei. You can rent Kayaks for pretty cheap, and kayak down the Hanalei river into Hanalei Bay! Hanalei Bay is a beautiful beach, with lots to do! It is actually a locals favorite! We couldn't kayak with Marloe since she was too young, but the rest of my family did it! We met them at the beach, and my mom watched Marloe as Colten and I kayaked around the bay!!! It was so cool!

I loved these two beaches because they were super kid friendly! They had little areas where they made small kiddie pools out of the beach. We went to these beaches a lot for the kiddos! At PoiPu beach, there is amazing snorkeling, and the beach always had either turtles or Sea Lions on it every time we were there!!! I love marine life, so this was awesome for me and my nieces and nephews loved it!

This beach's beauty is UNREAL. It is so lush, and the water is so blue and beautiful! If your looking for big body surfing waves, then this beach is the best for that!!! It also has a large cave across from the beach that is really cool to walk into. It is really close to the Na Pali Coast hike as well!

This is what Kauai is known for. The Na Pali coast is not accessible by car! You have to hike to even visit any of the beaches along this coast! It is one of those places you have to see to believe. This is a hike that can be as long or as short as you want, so it's easy for kids depending on the amount you want to do!

Mini golfing is fun, but have you ever done it in the lush gardens of Kauai? This mini golf course doubled as a botanic garden, which I loved! It was sooooo pretty, and was a fun activity for the kids and adults! If you want a break from the sunny beach, then this is the perfect activity for you!

This is a beautiful trail that leads to a waterfall and rope swing! The trail is very easy, and is flat the whole way. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the waterfall/rope swing, and it was so worth it! We packed lunches, and ate while we played in the water! This was by far one of my favorite days!

My family rented bikes in Kapaa, and spent the day biking along the coast! Biking is a fun way to enjoy the beach, without getting in! Plus you get some exercise in, and can bike to different food trucks or restaurants!!!

We had a perfect stay at our Homeway home, away from home! I love Hawaii, and Kauai is definitely one of my favorite islands!!!! Stay tuned for more travel adventures, posts, and videos!!! All of the info for our Homeaway.com rental is linked HERE!!! This trip was sponsored by Homeaway.com

Destin, Florida Travel Diary

Ciera Dastrup

Finally sharing my travel diary from our short trip to Destin, Florida! It was such a fun trip, and I couldn't believe how beautiful and tropical it was there!

Colten's work scheduled his annual work conference in Destin this year! You can bring your spouse to these trips, so even though it was work for him...it was a vacation for Marloe and I! We flew into a tiny airport called Fort Wayne-Destin airport and I'm not kidding when I say TINY! There are like 4 gates hah! The travel day was so easy breezy with Marloe, and she slept the entire time on both flights!!!! We were blessed! When we got to Destin, Colten realized he lost his ID, and so we couldn't get our rental car :( We took a shuttle to the hotel instead, which wasn't so bad. But not having a car sucked reallllly bad!

When we got to the hotel, I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was! It's called Sandestin, and the entire grounds of the hotel is 7 miles long! It includes 2 malls, spas, multiple hotel buildings, a wharf, a shipping dock, golf course, and basically everything! So having a car wasn't so bad, because there were multiple shuttles that picked you up and took you around the hotel!

The first day I woke up early and Marloe and I went on a long beach walk! There are not many better things than walking on the beach early in the morning. I held Marloe in my Blooming Bath Carrier and she fell asleep. I watched dolphins from the shore, and saw tons of crabs all around the beach! If I lived by a beach, I would go walking every morning and night.

That day was a little cloudy, so me and some of the other wives decided it would be a good shopping/biking day! We went and rented some bikes and I got one with a little baby seat, and strapped Marloe in! She LOVED it, guess I need to get a bike now! We bikes around the island, and then biked to a really nice mall. We shopping around, and then stopped at Tommy Bahamas Restaurant. The food was so amazing, seafood always tastes better by the ocean! :)

That night we took a yacht out and had a fancy dinner with Colten's work team. It was so fun being out on the water. It was a bit stormy which was scary, but also kind of thrilling. Lightening kept striking the ocean and it would light up the dark sky!

The next days were spent literally all day at the pool and beach! I had to keep going from the room to the beach to feed Marloe and give her a break from the sun, it was so hot! A couple of the nights Colten got out of meetings early and got to spend some time down on the beach with us. We seriously LOVE the ocean. I hope Marloe grows to love it too. :)
So all in all it was a fun little trip! If you're looking for an awesome beach vacation stateside, I definitely recommend Destin! It reminds me so much of Cancun Mexico! (The beaches anyway) I didn't take very many pictures, because I was usually just chillin with Marloe! But I linked the swimsuits and items I brought with me below!!!

Carry On Travel Essentials - With Baby

Ciera Dastrup

When Colten and I started dating, we traveled A LOT. Back and forth countless times to and from Seattle, and in one year alone when to Hawaii 3 times! The year we got married we traveled to New York, Aruba, Hawaii, Mexico, Seattle, San Diego, and Malibu all by airplane within just 6 months! Flying was fun and relaxing and I enjoyed it!
I remember I filled my carry on with magazines, books, and loaded my iPad up with movies for myself! The flights always went by so quickly too! That is NOT the case when traveling with babies haha!

Marloe has flown on 12 flights, and in ten days will take her 13th. It has gotten harder and harder every single time! She is getting bigger, and is so wiggly and no longer sleeps through the flight like she once did! Mamas that have flown with kids know that flights are ALL about keeping your kids entertained and in their seats! Its no longer a relaxing time thats for sure!
For mamas that need some advice on what to bring in your carry on with a baby, I came up with a list of MUST HAVE items! Every baby is different of course, so this is a pretty general list of items that work for Marloe and I!

My CARRY ON BAG: I take my diaper bag with me as my carry on! Mine is from Petunia Picklebottom! It has lots of compartments and enough space for all that her and I need!

DIAPERS & WIPES: Duh! This is a no brainer! You will absolutely need diapers and wipes with you on the flight! Babies can get really gassy during the flight, and a gassy baby can lead to a poopy baby real fast! Make sure your wipes are full too! Wipes are awesome for cleaning off yours and your babies hands too! My diapers here are from Honest Company, and the wipes are Bloom Baby! (These wipes rock and are now available at Target!!!)

TOYS: Marloe is right at the age that she loves to grab, suck, and play with toys! (It's such a fun stage!) I always have at least 2 toys in her diaper bag for the plane ride! Toys are a great distraction, even if it's for just ten minutes!

iPad or iPhone BABY GAMES: I downloaded some baby games from fisher price on my phone and iPad! She loves the bright colors from the games and it definitely helps to distract her for a little bit on the plane!

A BABY PILLOW: This I have found is a definitely must! I have heard of mamas bringing full sized pillows on the plane with them for their baby to lay across when they fall asleep. I prefer a smaller baby pillow because it fits in my diaper bag. If your baby falls asleep it can be super hard to hold them for a long time. So if you're traveling with someone you can lay the pillow across your laps and your baby can sleep soundly! Plus it frees up your hands! :) Mine is from Ooh Noo!

A BAG FOR YOU: I keep a mini bag in my diaper bag and it always comes in handy on the plane. I keep Chapstick, Tylenol, hair band, face wipes, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer in it! My MIL who is a flight attendant said the dirtiest part of the plane is the tray table, so now I am always using the antibacterial wipes to wipe it down before I or Marloe touch it!!! I got all this stuff from Target!

ONESIE & BURP CLOTH: I always bring extra clothes for the baby with me! Blow outs are sometimes inevitable. Imagine being stuck on a plane with your baby after a blowout with NO change of clothes! I always have 1-2 onesies in my carry on!!! Also, I take a burp cloth with me everywhere, it always comes in handy! Mine is from TroisBeauxBebes!

Of course every baby is different and in different stages! I'll definitely make a new list as M grows and needs new things! What do you bring with you on the plane for your little one? Share in comments below!

Seattle - B & Me NYC

Ciera Dastrup



Hello! Writing you from Seattle! Last week on Thursday we decided it would be fun to take a last minute trip up to Seattle to visit with Colten's family! Colten grew up in Washington, and most of his family is still there, and a lot of his extended family haven't met Marloe! So we thought it would be the perfect opportunity! Plus I never pass up on a trip, and especially one taking me to one of my favorite cities! SEATTLE!

This was Marloes 7th flight and the longest one yet! ABQ to Seattle is about a 3 hour non stop flight! I was hoping Marloe would sleep most of the flight, but that was not the case! She was so uncomfortable, and cried and fussed nearly the whole time. It was so sad, because there was nothing I could do to comfort her, and she didn't feel like nursing whatsoever! But we FINALLY made it, and I was so ready to get her off that plane! I will be doing a post soon about traveling with a baby, once I figure it out myself. :)

On Saturday we went into downtown Seattle, which is about 15 minutes away from where Colten grew up! I am obsessed with this city. It's right on the ocean, and I love the rainy urban vibe of Seattle. I am convinced that there is no prettier city. One of my favorite (crazy tourist) areas of Seattle is Pikes Place Market. There are so many flower shops, fruit stands, and just about everything else you see at a farmers market! I love going through the endless rows of flowers and it was SO nice having my B & Me NYC jacket with me! Marloe was in it for 10 minutes, and I look down and she is OUT! She slept so good, and it was a bit rainy, so she kept warm on my chest the entire time! It was also super crowded, so I felt good knowing she was wrapped up tight on me in such a warm (& cute) jacket!!!

This jacket is cute even without carrying a sleeping baby in it! It's so versatile, and can even be worn as a maternity jacket! It is super high quality material, and I can tell it will last me a long time! (And last for each one of my babies!)
It's warm enough for a cold Winter day, but also light enough for a Summer night! Baby carrying-jacket bliss, and you mamas all need it now! So go check them out on B & Me NYC site!

Trip Reminiscing-Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Ciera Dastrup

Looking back on this fun family vacation from earlier this year, and getting excited for my next vacation to Hawaii in two weeks! We stayed in a HomeAway home that was just breathtakingly beautiful! And walking distance from the beach (seriously maybe 30 feet). We had our own private chefs making us dinner every night, and our own private pool! It was such a fun experience staying at such a nice place surrounded by family and of course the amazing Mexico Beaches! Take a look at this video shot by my brother/dad.

Dastrup family trip to Playa Del Carmen and Cancun February 1st-10th, 2015. All thanks goes to HomeAway.com for the awesome rental! Filmed by dastrupmakes.com Filmed using: Black Magic Production 4K Camera Panasonic GH4 GoPro Phantom 2 If you have any questions about the trip feel free to ask in the comments below.

Travel Packing Tips

Ciera Dastrup

Hi Jet Setters! You all know how much I love traveling! I've traveled quite a bit these last few years and I've learned a lot about how to efficiently pack! So I decided to share my tips with all of you! Enjoy, and if you have anymore questions comment them below!


Beauty Products-

1. Pack only the essentials when it comes to makeup! Don't bring your whole makeup bag, unless you plan on using every single item in there! Go through it a couple days before and take out the products you maybe won't be needing to use while on your trip. Makeup also can add a lot of weight to your suitcase! So pack light, especially if its a tropical vacation and you won't be needing very much or any makeup anyway!

2. Skincare products are a big deal to me, and I don't go anywhere without them! My tip to you is to bring the items you're currently using. Sometimes when you go on vacation and change up your skincare routine/products your skin might react negatively to the change! Also remember the climate of where you're heading and pack your skincare accordingly! Always bring moisturizer, and don't forget to wash your face! I also recommend bringing a toner mist, that will help hydrate your skin for any climate! My favorite is by Creme Simon!

3. I usually don't bring my shampoo and conditioner I use at home, with me on vacation. They are huge bottles, and way to big/heavy to pack! Most of the time I buy small cheaper shampoo/conditioner from the drugstore to bring with me. My favorite to buy for tropical trips is Aussie Miraculously Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner! It smells amazing, and helps to keep your hair smooth after being in the salty ocean waves all day! 

4. I usually don't ever bring straighteners/curling irons/blow dryer with me on tropical vacations! I let me hair air-dry naturally and always seem to love how the ocean gives my hair a subtle wave. It's nice to not have to worry about packing those bigger items, and have them take up space in your suitcase! If your hair needs a little extra push to have those natural air dried waves try this amazing Sea Spray from Redken! I take it with me on every vacation!


1. For a while I was either under packed or over packed for vacations. I finally decided I would write a list of what I needed to bring, and outfits I could mix&match together. I highly recommend the list! If you're planning a 5 day trip, pack for just those 5 days! Write down outfit choices, and then the day you pack you will feel stress free knowing exactly what you're putting in your suitcase. 

2. Pack according to the weather! Check the weather before you leave on your trip! If you notice one day it will be cold and rainy you will know to bring a jacket or sweater for those chilly nights. It's smart to ALWAYS bring a light jacket. They are awesome for cold plane rides, and you never know when it might get colder than expected. 

3. Buy new and fun things for your trip. I don't know about you but I always love getting a few new things for my vacations! It's fun to have to swim suits for the beach, or a cute new pair of sunglasses for those extra bright days! Usually people take lots of pictures on their vacations, and what better way to feel your best than in a new outfit! A few of my favorite places to buy beach wear is: ASOS, SWELL, BECCA SWIM, LUSH, FOREVER 21.

4. Shoes are always a tough one for me when packing. They take up so much space, and usually I don't want them rubbing up against my clean clothes. I make sure I always bring 2-3 pairs of sandals, booties (I wear on the plane), and 1 pair of tennis shoes! (This is for tropical vacations). This also really depends on how long you're staying. If you bring neutral colored shoes, you can pair them with anything and not have to worry about bringing a lot of shoes to try and color coordinate with your outfits! 

Airplane/Carry on Items-

1. I love packing up my airplane carry-on! I always have these items in my carry on no matter where I am going: Headphones (frends), hand sanitizer, hand lotion, chap-stick (Burts Bees), floss, ibuprofen, fashion/celeb gossip magazines, MAC makeup powder, iPad, snacks (trail mix is my favorite, because you get sweet & salty), and of course my neck pillow haha it's a life saver for those early or late flights. Bring items in your carry on that maybe you don't 'always' need but are good to have on hand for those 'just in case' moments. Also, snacks are a must.

2. Wear comfy items on the plane, and especially comfy shoes! For those long plane rides I usually take my shoes off....but if you're hesitant about that then be sure your shoes are comfy enough to wear all flight. Also tight non stretchy jeans are a big NO NO, they will feel so uncomfortable during the duration of the flight, wear stretchy jeans or sweats instead. 

Hope these tips helped! & Happy Flying!

Mexico Vacation-Part 2

Ciera Dastrup

Finally got aorund to posting the rest of my Mexico vacation pics! It was such a beautiful place, and we stayed in an extremely pretty villa right by the ocean! Definitely recommend vacationing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (AKA heaven on earth!)

Video shot and edited by my videographer brother! (Some of the gopro shots were shot by Colten).



Ciera Dastrup

Hi babes! I have been getting a lot of questions about my life and blogging so I thought I would write a little Q&A post to answer some of your questions!

Q:How old are you?                                                                                                                                         A: I turned 20 last October, I know I am still a baby lol!

Q: How did you and Colten (my husband) meet?                                                                              

A: We met at a college party the Summer after I graduated high school and had just started college. I was 17, and a couple months away from being 18 and I lied about my age to help work at the party serving sodas with my friend haha! Colten's friend threw the party, so he stood next to me and helped serve drinks. We started dating immediately after that! I even was dating another guy and quickly broke it off to date Colten. Not a fascinating story, but that's it!

Q: What got you into blogging?                                                                                                          

A: I first started blogging as a hobby when I started to travel with Colten. I wanted a place to post my photos and experiences without posting it all over social media. I did it for myself, then I began getting more and more readers and it developed more into a career. Only the past six months or so I began committing a lot more to my blog and posting more consistently added fashion and lifestyle to my once travel blog. 

Q: Do you have a job or go to school?                                                                                                

A: I don't!! Although blogging seems to be a full time job! I am also in the process of getting my major/minor in Journalism and marketing but am on a break from school since I was just recently married!

Q: What type of camera do you use for you blog/insta photos?                                                      

A: Typically if it isn't a photo taken by a photographer I use a Canon 4d with a tele-focal lens. I sometimes will use my iPhone for instagram photos too occasionally. 

Q: Who is your fashion icon?                                                                                                                  A: I have a couple favorites. I feel like I am a mix of a lot of different styles, and I enjoy a variety of different bloggers and styles! I love Julie Sarinana of SincerelyJules, Kristina Bazan of Kayture, and Chiara Ferragni of TheBlondeSalad!

Q: What is your daily workout routine?                                                                                              

A: When I am not traveling I try to maintain a schedule with my workouts. I wake up around 7 and immediately go to the gym with my husband. We will do cardio first, usually running on the treadmill or using the stair climber. Then we do weights, I break my days up into categories and one day I might do legs, and the next I might do back and shoulders. I always want to leave the gym feeling sore or I don't feel accomplished!

Q:What is one item you can't live without?

A: MY PHONE. As sad as that sounds....I feel naked without it, and it stresses me out when I lose it!

Q: What do you spend the most money on?

A: Iced Vanilla Chai's probably....but honestly probably dresses. I seriously love dresses, and I have way to many! That or skincare.


Thanks for reading guys! If you have any other questions post them in the comment box below! 

Mexico Vacation-Week 1

Ciera Dastrup

Hi!!! I have been loving Mexico! It definitely has exceeded my expectations! We have been staying at a beach house that is amazing, and in the best location...right in Playa Del Carmen! We have an amazing cook at the house, who has been cooking us authentic Mexican dinners every night for dinner! The food is so good, I don't think a Mexican restaurant in the states will ever compare. So when we first got here, we spent the day laying on the beach by our house, and watched the super bowl! Then the second day we went to a beach specifically for turtle snorkeling! Snorkeled with the turtles, and couldn't believe how cool the reef was at that beach. We also went to a place called Xel-Ha, which is comparable to a beach/natural Disney Land for snorkelers! It was by far the most beautiful place I had EVER seen, we ended up going back again another day! It had zip-lines, river tubing, amazing snorkeling (with beautiful fish!), cave swimming, and more food than you could ever eat! We also visited the Mayan ruins in Coba, and in Tulum! Both were incredible, and very interesting! I loved biking through the historic ruins, and walking to the top of the Mayan temple! So far, I have LOVED Mexico! It's going to be hard coming home!


KiniSwimwear + Mexico

Ciera Dastrup

Hello from Mexico!!!! I have been having seriously an amazing time here! I saw ruins, amazing beaches, snorkeled through caves, held monkeys, and ate WAY TO MUCH!!......at least I had a cute suit on while doing it!!

Anyway! Today I am talking about this awesome swimwear company called KINI-SWIMWEAR!! This isn't your average swimwear company though....because YOU get to design your very own suit!!! You pick out your swim style, width, and color!!! Almost every part of the swimsuit is color changeable! I designed mine above with a bright mint green, a pop of orange, and added some black and white stripes! I can't wait to design more, and mix & match colors and styles; it's seriously so much fun!

 Head on over to their website, and design your own!!! ----> KINI SWIMWEAR

Follow them on IG: @KINISWIMWEAR

Exciting News..

Ciera Dastrup

I love traveling more than anything....besides (family, and Colten of course) But seriously I love discovering new places, whether its a couple towns over or across the globe! So of course a major dream of mine would be to travel & get paid while doing so....Wellllll this dream just became a reality!! Recently when I went in for a test shoot/casting call for a large company. It was for a modeling job, and soon after the test shot they told me I didn't book that particular campaign. But that they were keeping me in mind for a different campaign. I thought they maybe said that to be nice, and didn't think much of it. A few days later they reached me again but this time, the campaign shoot they had in mind would be in San Diego, and they said they were even interested in my husband shooting with me! I couldn't believe it! It took A LOT of convincing to get Colten to even be somewhat interested in the idea, but since he knew it was a dream of mine he said yes! I am so excited for this fun opportunity. We will be getting back from Mexico, and fly out one day later! So February will be crazy hectic with traveling and work, but I couldn't be more stoked!  

Honeymoon <3

Ciera Dastrup

Hellllllo! Its been a few weeks since the honeymoon to Aruba but since its our ONE MONTH anniversary I thought it was the perfect time to share them! We stayed in Aruba for 7 days at a hotel called Divi Golf & Beach Resort! It was right next to the clear blue ocean and had a beautiful view over looking the green grasses of the resort. We loved Aruba, such a different culture than the US. For those of you that don't know, Aruba is located of the coast of , and is considered a Caribbean Island but is much closer to South America. It is owned by the Dutch, and most of the people there speak Danish or Spanish. The beaches there were of course amazing and breathtakingly beautiful & the food was to die for as well. We loved going out to eat but we also loved hitting up the grocery stores and making our own meals for those long beach days. The grocery stores were unlike anything I had ever seen! They had food influenced by not only South America but Europe as well. Their cheese and bread isle was huge, and they had a million assortments of danish's and desserts...and don't even get me started on the candy/chocolate isle. AHMAZING. :) I'll explain a little after each picture! Enjoy, and VISIT ARUBA!

Sky Club in NYC before our flight to ARUBA.

The beach in front of our hotel! Divi Beach!

Our first beach day! The water was so warm and clear.

Fresh coconuts everywhere, and this cool lighthouse called California Lighthouse.

We had a lot of beach time!

These babies were EVERYWHERE

Probably someones home...

Hangin around the rocky side of the island.


We discovered a private beach.

Our private beach

Candy isle at grocery store.....

Just some donkeys.

Our last day we went to a butterfly farm!

Exploring ruins.

On our last day, Colten took me to the fanciest restaurant.

Whidbey Island Trip

Ciera Dastrup

I LOVE traveling....I love experiencing new places, foods, and cultures. I was able to stay with my fiance and his family on an island off the coast of Washington, called Whidbey Island. It is absolutely beautiful, and the house we stayed on was right on the beach and looked over the ocean and other islands off of Washington. We have been back for a couple of days now and I thought I would share our fun trip with all of you! Here you go!!!!! (our trip in pictures)


Leaving SLC, heading for Seattle.

outfit details:


Top/ Rock n' Republic 

Jacket/ Gap

Shoes/ Steve Madden

Bag/ Steve Madden

Luggage/ London Fog

Sunnies/ Target

Flying over slc

Flying over slc

The ferry we rode from Seattle to Whidbey Island

The ferry we rode from Seattle to Whidbey Island

We slept under the stars and woke up to this view of the ocean. :)

We slept under the stars and woke up to this view of the ocean. :)

some cool bracelets I bought thrift shopping

some cool bracelets I bought thrift shopping

Sitting by our beach fire

Sitting by our beach fire

We went crab fishing!

We went crab fishing!

He falls asleep on EVERY flight lol

He falls asleep on EVERY flight lol

I had an amazing weekend there at Whidbey Island! I will post all my traveling photos on my blog, so keep reading! And put your email in and subscribe!

Yours Truly, Ciera


Ciera Dastrup

Its been some time since I last blogged. I seriously wish I could be as devoted and dedicated to posting every week, or let alone every day like other bloggers...but I just cant break away from life sometimes & write like I wish I could! Anyway. I spent the fourth in one of my favorite places....WASHINGTON. 

I flew into Seattle early Thursday morning, and Colten's mom and sister in-law picked me up and we headed straight into downtown Seattle for a little breakfast, we had some time to kill before picking Colten up. We drove down Capitol Hill, and went to a bagel shop. Then we drove through all the old, but amazingly beautiful, mansions in a neighborhood surrounding Capitol Hill. We then stopped when we found an Asian Art Museum. "FREE ENTRY TODAY" was posted in big letters on the door, so we parked the car and went in.
It was beautiful 

Across the street from the museum was a giant watering tower that you could run up and look across and see the Seattle city skyline, it was really beautiful and cool to be up there.


The night before the fourth we headed up to Colten's best friend's parents Lake House, on a lake called "Lake Tapps". This lake is huge, and has so many little inlets and islands and gigantic homes on every edge, each with their own boats parked out on their own lake docks. You can also see Mount Rainier, which is an active volcano, and is huge! Anyway, its amazing there. We spent the night, and woke up to the most bluest skies, and warm weather. Me and Colten went for a run on the island and across the bridge, before heading back and eating breakfast on the patio overlooking the lake. 

We then got out onto the lake! The boys like to do this thing called "Tube wars", where they pull two tubes out on the boat and jump and wrestle each other, trying to knock each other on the opposing tubes off. Wellll I made the mistake of getting on with them, and that didn't last long after I had boys jumping all over my back, and at one point when Colten almost fell off, he used my hair as a rope to pull himself back on. Smart, but painful.

After a day of boating, we got dressed and went over to Colten's aunts house for dinner! We spent time with his cousins and family, and played speed scrabble which is now my new favorite game. 

Then we headed back up to the Lake House, to watch fireworks on the boat.

had an absolutely amazing fourth.

ps. here are some pictures from the rest of our trip.

Yours truly,

Catching Up

Ciera Dastrup

late posting....
Its been rough getting back into blogging with the sun shining outside.
Really all I want to do is be outdoors, so finding time to write has become quite difficult. But...here I am, and hopefully Ill be much more consistent. 

My boyfriend's brother had a beach wedding in Coronada Island in San Diego, and it was so beautiful. They got married at the beach next to Hotel Del Coronada.
Here are some pictures from the wedding/San Diego.


After the wedding. We flew to HAWAII, to spend their honeymoon with the newly weds & family.
We went to Maui, and stayed in Wailea on a really pretty golf course villa.
I had an amazing time being back in Hawaii. We did some awesome things, and went to some pretty waterfalls and beaches.
Here are some photos from the trip.

got my suits from

Yours truly,