Trip Reminiscing-Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Looking back on this fun family vacation from earlier this year, and getting excited for my next vacation to Hawaii in two weeks! We stayed in a HomeAway home that was just breathtakingly beautiful! And walking distance from the beach (seriously maybe 30 feet). We had our own private chefs making us dinner every night, and our own private pool! It was such a fun experience staying at such a nice place surrounded by family and of course the amazing Mexico Beaches! Take a look at this video shot by my brother/dad.

Dastrup family trip to Playa Del Carmen and Cancun February 1st-10th, 2015. All thanks goes to for the awesome rental! Filmed by Filmed using: Black Magic Production 4K Camera Panasonic GH4 GoPro Phantom 2 If you have any questions about the trip feel free to ask in the comments below.

Honeymoon <3

Hellllllo! Its been a few weeks since the honeymoon to Aruba but since its our ONE MONTH anniversary I thought it was the perfect time to share them! We stayed in Aruba for 7 days at a hotel called Divi Golf & Beach Resort! It was right next to the clear blue ocean and had a beautiful view over looking the green grasses of the resort. We loved Aruba, such a different culture than the US. For those of you that don't know, Aruba is located of the coast of , and is considered a Caribbean Island but is much closer to South America. It is owned by the Dutch, and most of the people there speak Danish or Spanish. The beaches there were of course amazing and breathtakingly beautiful & the food was to die for as well. We loved going out to eat but we also loved hitting up the grocery stores and making our own meals for those long beach days. The grocery stores were unlike anything I had ever seen! They had food influenced by not only South America but Europe as well. Their cheese and bread isle was huge, and they had a million assortments of danish's and desserts...and don't even get me started on the candy/chocolate isle. AHMAZING. :) I'll explain a little after each picture! Enjoy, and VISIT ARUBA!

Sky Club in NYC before our flight to ARUBA.

The beach in front of our hotel! Divi Beach!

Our first beach day! The water was so warm and clear.

Fresh coconuts everywhere, and this cool lighthouse called California Lighthouse.

We had a lot of beach time!

These babies were EVERYWHERE

Probably someones home...

Hangin around the rocky side of the island.


We discovered a private beach.

Our private beach

Candy isle at grocery store.....

Just some donkeys.

Our last day we went to a butterfly farm!

Exploring ruins.

On our last day, Colten took me to the fanciest restaurant.

Whidbey Island Trip

I LOVE traveling....I love experiencing new places, foods, and cultures. I was able to stay with my fiance and his family on an island off the coast of Washington, called Whidbey Island. It is absolutely beautiful, and the house we stayed on was right on the beach and looked over the ocean and other islands off of Washington. We have been back for a couple of days now and I thought I would share our fun trip with all of you! Here you go!!!!! (our trip in pictures)


Leaving SLC, heading for Seattle.

outfit details:


Top/ Rock n' Republic 

Jacket/ Gap

Shoes/ Steve Madden

Bag/ Steve Madden

Luggage/ London Fog

Sunnies/ Target

Flying over slc

Flying over slc

The ferry we rode from Seattle to Whidbey Island

The ferry we rode from Seattle to Whidbey Island

We slept under the stars and woke up to this view of the ocean. :)

We slept under the stars and woke up to this view of the ocean. :)

some cool bracelets I bought thrift shopping

some cool bracelets I bought thrift shopping

Sitting by our beach fire

Sitting by our beach fire

We went crab fishing!

We went crab fishing!

He falls asleep on EVERY flight lol

He falls asleep on EVERY flight lol

I had an amazing weekend there at Whidbey Island! I will post all my traveling photos on my blog, so keep reading! And put your email in and subscribe!

Yours Truly, Ciera


Its been some time since I last blogged. I seriously wish I could be as devoted and dedicated to posting every week, or let alone every day like other bloggers...but I just cant break away from life sometimes & write like I wish I could! Anyway. I spent the fourth in one of my favorite places....WASHINGTON. 

I flew into Seattle early Thursday morning, and Colten's mom and sister in-law picked me up and we headed straight into downtown Seattle for a little breakfast, we had some time to kill before picking Colten up. We drove down Capitol Hill, and went to a bagel shop. Then we drove through all the old, but amazingly beautiful, mansions in a neighborhood surrounding Capitol Hill. We then stopped when we found an Asian Art Museum. "FREE ENTRY TODAY" was posted in big letters on the door, so we parked the car and went in.
It was beautiful 

Across the street from the museum was a giant watering tower that you could run up and look across and see the Seattle city skyline, it was really beautiful and cool to be up there.


The night before the fourth we headed up to Colten's best friend's parents Lake House, on a lake called "Lake Tapps". This lake is huge, and has so many little inlets and islands and gigantic homes on every edge, each with their own boats parked out on their own lake docks. You can also see Mount Rainier, which is an active volcano, and is huge! Anyway, its amazing there. We spent the night, and woke up to the most bluest skies, and warm weather. Me and Colten went for a run on the island and across the bridge, before heading back and eating breakfast on the patio overlooking the lake. 

We then got out onto the lake! The boys like to do this thing called "Tube wars", where they pull two tubes out on the boat and jump and wrestle each other, trying to knock each other on the opposing tubes off. Wellll I made the mistake of getting on with them, and that didn't last long after I had boys jumping all over my back, and at one point when Colten almost fell off, he used my hair as a rope to pull himself back on. Smart, but painful.

After a day of boating, we got dressed and went over to Colten's aunts house for dinner! We spent time with his cousins and family, and played speed scrabble which is now my new favorite game. 

Then we headed back up to the Lake House, to watch fireworks on the boat.

had an absolutely amazing fourth.

ps. here are some pictures from the rest of our trip.

Yours truly,

Catching Up

late posting....
Its been rough getting back into blogging with the sun shining outside.
Really all I want to do is be outdoors, so finding time to write has become quite difficult. I am, and hopefully Ill be much more consistent. 

My boyfriend's brother had a beach wedding in Coronada Island in San Diego, and it was so beautiful. They got married at the beach next to Hotel Del Coronada.
Here are some pictures from the wedding/San Diego.


After the wedding. We flew to HAWAII, to spend their honeymoon with the newly weds & family.
We went to Maui, and stayed in Wailea on a really pretty golf course villa.
I had an amazing time being back in Hawaii. We did some awesome things, and went to some pretty waterfalls and beaches.
Here are some photos from the trip.

got my suits from

Yours truly,