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City Walkin'

Ciera Dastrup

While being pregnant I have barely worn heels....So taking these pictures in heels was a bit rough, but also worth it because it makes my legs look much longer! Anyway, I feel huge lately now that I am coming up on my 6 month mark, CRAZY!!!! The only reason I get dressed in the morning is because I have some super comfortable maternity pants, that actually fit and feel good. (Unlike my regular jeans) These skinny jeans are from A Pea in The Pod Maternity I highly recommend making them one of your go-to places to shop for any prenatal and maternity needs! Also, I got this comfy tee from Vintage Havana, its flowy and 'kind of' helps to hide my growing belly, but i can't wait to rock it after labor as well!

Now I need to start the packing process for my ten day trip to MAUI!!!!! YAY, I will be needing to start packing asap, because otherwise I will stress myself out trying to pack last minute. Love you guys, if you like what you see you can shop my look below!!!!