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Useful Blogger Tips

Ciera Dastrup

Hello, today I'll be sharing some super duper useful blogger tips & tricks I have learned along the way! Whether you're starting out new, or you're an experienced blogger-these will work for everyone. 

1. Have an 'About Me' page that showcases who you are and what you do. 

People like to feel connected to you as a blogger! Make your about me page personable, and it tells exactly why you're blogging! Also, change it up every so often so that it is up to date! 

2. Take High Quality photos for your blog/social channels.

Posting photos taken by your iPhone don't look professional, and although you may be able to get away with it on Instagram, the photo quality will be apparent on your website. Invest in a nice camera, or find an awesome photographer in your area! I use a Canon Rebel t5i, and also have found some amazing photographers locally! 

3. Keep a calendar to organize blog post dates and content.

When you're blogging, it's easy to feel stressed out about what to post about, or when to post it. Buy a calendar book (I got mine from Target) and keep track of when you want to post. This will help to eliminate the stress from blogging, and help to organize your content! PLANNING is everything!!!! 

4. How to avoid running out of topics.

Feeling burnt out? And out of ideas? Browse other bloggers pages, and get ideas from their content! I like going on Pinterest, and finding interesting things to blog about! Also, maybe even go on a shopping spree, and blog about your new outfit with some cute pictures!

5. Learn to use photoshop!!!!

If you are taking your own photos, learn how to use photoshop to edit them and make them look fabulous! I promise you all of those popular bloggers and influencers out there use photoshop, thats why their pictures are so good and pretty!

6. Brand your social media.

Social media is the best way to get readers to your site! Make sure you're branding yourself well by being consistent with your posts. If you're always posting amazingly beautiful photos of hair, then don't randomly start posting photos of dogs. Random...I know, but it can be confusing for your followers and maybe even lead you to lose a couple.

7. Change your site up.

Don't let your website get outdated! Constantly fix, and change it up so it stays clean and relevant! Make sure it's easy for others to navigate as well!

8. Always be yourself!!!!!!

Blogging can be hard, and it's easy to compare yourself to others. Don't be cookie cutter and copy what everyone else is doing! Go your own way and be true to your brand! Post authentic content and make sure your voice in your writing is loud and clear! 

Comment if you have any other questions for me about blogging below!


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