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Sanctuary/AlliK + Big News

Ciera Dastrup

This skirt has my heart!!!!! I love this AlliK skirt so much, it is the perfect Spring skirt. Its flowy and fun, yet sophisticated. AlliK clothing is so modern, and fashion forward! I love their clothes, and I'm pretty sure everyone needs this skirt in their closets! ALSO this sweater is the best, it has such pretty detail in the front, that gives it that extra something. I love sweaters, because they're such an easy go-to outfit choice. Especially in the Spring when its not quite cold enough for a coat, but not warm enough for just a plain tee. Go visit Sanctuary Clothing & check out their rad selection of clothes! 

Okay....now onto the BIG NEWS I have been keeping from you all....WE ARE MOVING TO NEW MEXICO! I have lived in Utah my whole entire life, but work is taking me and my husband to Albuquerque, NM! We are moving on Thursday next week! I am excited for this change, and I am going to miss all of my awesome family and friends here in Utah!  I know absolutely no one in New Mexico, so if you know any awesome shops, bloggers, photographers, etc. LET ME KNOW!