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Feels Like Summer

Ciera Dastrup

These past few days have been crazy! Constant packing of boxes and going through old stuff. So it has been hard to find time to sit down and blog, but finally here I am at 10 something at night! Haha. I have been feeling so blessed lately! I have gotten to work with such amazing shops and people! I really appreciate all my readers and consistent followers on here and through social media....I LOVE YOU GUYS! For fun today, let me tell you a little bit about why I started blogging..

I have always, I mean ALWAYS loved fashion and clothes. I always felt like clothes meant so much more than just something people wore, they said something about a person. I loved textures, prints, colors, and everything specific that fell into that "Fashion Realm". It wasn't until I was out of highschool and working as a receptionist at some boring software company that I realized how much I truly loved fashion. I spent countless hours on Pinterest...I had a nine to six job and I am not kidding when I tell you I spent 5-6 hours scrolling through Pinterest pages and clicking on various fashion bloggers sites and stalking them to death. I was mesmerized. I knew right then and there that I wanted to start a blog. I had this creativeness inside me that felt like it was going to burst out if I didn't! I needed to write, I needed to have Valentino rock stud shoes (still haven't purchased them....), I needed to show other people products and clothing I loved! That's really where it all began. That was almost three years ago....it takes a lot of work, but I love it. I don't do it because other people are, I do it because I sincerely love it! So if any of you girls out there have been wanting to start a "Style" blog, make sure you do it for the right reasons, and don't just jump on the blogging band wagon. Do it because you love it!

 Anyway....now back to this outfit! :)

I am wearing lots of awesome brand today! First off let me begin with jewelry and accessories. These earrings and necklace are made by Nipponeki Jewelry. The necklace is gold filled, and customized to say 'YTC'! I love it, it will definitely be one of my staple everyday necklaces. Go check out their site, and customize your very own!!! Also, I have a new shop that is quickly becoming one of my FAVORITES. That shop is Sanctuary Clothing, I have worn their products before (in my last posts), but they have such a unique brand I cannot help but keep getting and wanting more of their stuff! This jacket is a light floral print, and it is lightweight and perfect for the warmer months ahead! I paired it with this SUPER soft & cute Loloelle Boutique shirt. Everyone NEEDS this top, it can go with anything, and it's much cuter than just a regular Tee! ALSO you can get 20% your entire purchase with Loloelle using the code "YOURSTRULYCIERA" at checkout. Okay.....now i have to talk about these freaking shoes!!!!!!! I am obsessed, these booties are not only cool and fit perfectly, but they are from a rad company in London called A + EM London! (Which makes anything cooler in my book lol). Go check out their site, and obsess like I did over their cool styles.

Click on the images to shop below!