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Goodnight Macaroon + Folica

Ciera Dastrup

Hi friends!!!!! I am finally home and back to style blogging. I loved traveling and taking a little break, but I am ready to get back into the grind of things and posting daily! I also I A LOT of fun giveaways coming up for all of you! So you can have a chance to try and receive all the things I love, use, and wear everyday!

Alright! So for this look I took a light spring/summer dress and turned it into the perfect Winter transitioning to Spring dress....if that makes sense! I love bright prints like the green floral on this white dress. Then paring it with dark tights, and a trench coat to stay warm! My advice too you when pairing coats and dresses is to only pair neutral more solid colored coats with bright dresses and vise-verse. I got this dress & bag from a company called GOODNIGHT MACAROON <-------visit the site there!

Now lets talk about this diamond headband. I never usally wear hair accessories besides hats. But I recently got this headband from FOLICA and I adore it! I definitely feel a bit like Blair Waldorf wearing headbands haha! Go check out their site for awesome accessories and hair products. I will be talking more about both these companies soon, so stay tuned babes.

Click on the images below to shop each item!