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Ugg Australia City Style

Ciera Dastrup

Fall and Winter (especially Winter) mean it's time to bundle up, and there is no better way to bundle your feet up AND look stylish doing it other than wear some UGGS! Ugg Australia just came out with an awesome new selection of boots including these babies I'm wearing here :) They are so soft and fuzzy inside, but durable and cute on the outside...plus this chestnut color is my favorite!!!! Check out all of Uggs new styles HERE!!! Also.....they are the perfect Christmas gift for others or yourself!!! Nothing is cozier than sitting by the fire, cup of hot cocoa in hand, and a pair of comfy Uggs on your feet!!!!!!!!! You know that just SCREAMS Christmas! I also adore this AHMAZING Chandrah Bracelet from my collaboration with them via Shopping Links! It is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit!

Shop this look below babes!!!