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London Vibes

Ciera Dastrup

Since being pregnant I have noticed the lack of places that actually sell 'Maternity Gowns'. There is however a place in London that makes the most stunning and elegant maternity gowns for any nicer occasion! Finally!!!!!!! This dress makes me feel so beautiful, and I just wish I had a gala or event to wear it at before the baby arrives! My photographer and I drove around central avenue in Albuquerque and ventured through old neighborhoods until we came across this mosque. It reminded both of us of London and we stopped to shoot :) I am also hosting a giveaway with Visible Interest for this pair of Cold War Earrings designed by Liz Law in LA.

  • Brass bullets hang from Swarovski crystal ice dangle earrings
  • Sterling silver jump rings and hook
  • Approximately 1 and 7/8 inches long
  • Retails at $70

To enter find me on IG @yourstrulyciera