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All White + Frends Headphones

Ciera Dastrup

An all white outfit in Winter is usually hard to pull off, since there is snow every where and you'll usually end up blending in a little to much to your surroundings. Wellllll fortunately for me, there is literally NO snow on the ground right now. So I decided to pull on my new Delilah Boutique Skirt, and Halogen Button Up top! Of course, it's still cold out so I had to pair it with a jacket, and I loved the way the outfit came together with this black leather jacket! I really could have gone all out crazy with my shoes, and worn ANY color since the outfit is pretty neutral, but instead I stuck with a nude heel! (These heels are seriously my favorite, they go with everything!!!!!)I recently got these new Frends Headphones, that I have been dying to get for a while and I am in love! I turned some music on during the shoot, and couldn't help but dance around!

I also stuck to a very minimal makeup look. I feel like sometimes photos turn out better and look more natural when you are wearing less, you can be you without hiding behind a ton of powder and foundation!

For this natural look I used: