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Detox Water Favorites

Ciera Dastrup

Staying healthy and active is very important to me! As we all know drinking water is mandatory in staying healthy and is a key factor in losing weight! For some people drinking water isn't the easiest. So here are some Water Detox recipes to either help you drink more water, to use as a meal replacement, or to do a 1-2 day detox. I found these recipes on Top Inspired!


Cut mint leaves, and slice lemons and fill a pitcher with water and ice. Refrigerate  for 1-2 hours, and you've got a great tasting fat burning drink! (Your breath will smell good too)


You can either slice the watermelon into your ice water, or you can cut triangular slices to eat while you drink. The water from watermelons are one of the best detoxes! You can add mint leaves in this drink as well! 


All you have to do is slice up some strawberries, put them in water, and then add some ice! Super delicious and low in calories!!!


Cut up some limes in small slices, and put them in ice water. Leave the water in the fridge for 1-2 hours. Then you have a yummy beverage that's perfect for this end of Summer weather! Fights stomach fat as well!

ope you enjoy these yummy detox waters! They are all so good for you! Why go buy pricey store bought detox water when you can make it at home instead!

Yours Truly, Ciera