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What Really Matters

Ciera Dastrup

This campaign has been a roller coaster ride over the course of this election. I admit to not being very politically correct or knowledgable about the candidates. I don't know political jargon, and I KNOW I wouldn't stand my own in any sort of political Facebook fight. All the information I know, has been through what I have heard through the media, and my various social media platforms.

I didn't vote (don't judge me haha) and If I had, I am not even sure who I would have voted for. Now that this presidential election is over, this is all I have to say.

I am not just an American citizen, I am a wife, mother, daughter and sister. I want to focus on being more loving, patient, and kind to others. I want to focus on going out of my way to make someone's day, and hopefully they'll be inspired to do the same to someone else. I want to be a better wife and mother, and be more present in the moment with my family. I want to dream bigger, and achieve my goals! I just want to focus on bettering myself, because that's all we can do. We can't always change other people's opinions, but we can be loving and set an example to others. We just need to LOVE more, and remember to worry about ourselves, instead of pointing a finger at others!

That is All! Love you guys!

October + Halloween Weekend

Ciera Dastrup

October is my favorite month of the entire year, not only because of Fall, and Halloween...but it is also my Birthday month!! I also love how it's not to cold, but is super super gorgeous and colorful with the changing leaves! I can't believe it's already November, and we're coming up on Marloes Birthday! Before it got to late, I wanted to share all of our October & Halloween photos with you!

We had such an eventful and fun October/Halloween! We had my family come into town the beginning of the month for Balloon Fiesta, click here to see what that is! Then the rest of the month leading up to Halloween, I spent a lot of time outside with Marloe and Chooiee. We played in the leaves, went to the zoo, drank lots of hot chocolate...and Marloe had lots of firsts!

Halloween this year was the best ever! Marloe had her very first ever birthday party to go to, and it just so happened to be a Halloween costume party. We dressed up the whole family and went, and had a great time! Marloe is so fun to watch with other babies! That same day we had our church's Trunk or Treat! We got dressed up again, and had so much fun handing out candy with our church members and neighbors! :)

On Halloween, Marloe and I went to a little Halloween party at the park, and ate pizza and played! (Aka I chased Marloe around everywhere) Later that night we went over to a friends house and ate good food, and played card games!


Monsters & Movies

Ciera Dastrup

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #CatchMoreData #Ghostbusters #CollectiveBias

All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to http://cbi.as/5jo2h or your local Walmart for current pricing.*

Halloween party movie nights are a staple for my little family around this time of year! We plan movie night parties with a couple of friends a few times in the month of October! It’s so fun getting together with a small group, and watching Halloween movie classics, or watching the latest in Halloween hits. We have treats, and sometimes even dress our kiddos up for it as well.

This year I bought the new Ghostbusters at my local Walmart to watch for our Halloween movie night with friends!! none of us had seen it yet, and we were all so excited to get together with yummy treats to watch the movie. I purchased the Ghostbusters Extended Edition on Blu-Ray, that comes with over 15 more minutes not seen in theaters, and the most hilarious 3 hours worth of extras. I also picked up some fun decorations for a spooky, yet modern, tablescape! And found everything I needed to make Halloween themed desserts, all at Walmart! So very convenient! Today I am sharing a simple way to create a fun, modern, Halloween themed tablescape!

For this tablescape, I went with a pretty, yet kid-friendly theme! Since we were watching the new Ghostbusters, I decided to incoprorate "ghosts" into some of my treats! Here is what you need to get the perfect Halloween Party tablescape for a movie night with friends:

1. A fun table-runner. I chose a table-runner that can easily transition from a party, to every day use! I picked this black and white one up, because not only is it super cute for year around use, but goes so well with a Halloween theme too! Find a table-runner at your local Walmart, they have so many to choose from!

2. Pick up some fresh flowers. I am in love with having fresh flowers in my home, and think it can make any party, look so much better! I picked up these white flowers for $4.97 from Walmart, and distributed them into different vases! Another fun idea would be to add food coloring to the water, to make it a little spookier and fun!

3. Go down the seasonal isle at Walmart to find different fun party favors and decorations! I found those two plastic buckets (filled with treats and goodie bags) for just 97 cents each! Kids love party favors, but lets face it, that candy was for the adults too! ;)

4. Make a dessert that POPS! I decided to make a Rice Krispie Pie, and added some fun candy ghosts on top! I got the ghosts from the Halloween section at Walmart! They were a great addition to the pie, and looked awesome on the table! Make a simple dessert into a fun themed surpirse, just by adding little details like ghosts, eyeballs, or making them pumpkin shaped!

5.Snacks Snacks snacks! You need to get snacks for your table that everyone will love, but that also go along with whatever themed you're trying to create! I found some trail mix at Walmart that was the perfect color for my Halloween movie night party! I found a chalkboard jar, wrote "BOO" on the front, and added the trail mix inside! Its so easy, and adds so much character to a party!

Try making your own fun tablescape at home using my tips!! I love that I can save so much money by going to Walmart, and that it is a One-stop-shop for all my party needs!

I recently signed up for Walmart Family mobile PLUS, my plan comes with Unlimited Talk, Text, Data; 10GB 4G LTE plus a free movie (rental, new release = $7 value) on VUDU every month, per line for $49.88. I seriously couldn’t believe we could download a free movie rental each month to my phone, and plan on taking advantage of the awesome offer!! We bought an HDMI cord to hook my phone easily up to our smart TV, and we stream the movie directly to our family room tv. I bought the LG K7 phone, its currently only $49.88, on Rollback from $89.88...which is an insane deal.

I love how Walmart Family Mobile is so affordable for a family on a budget, yet comes with so many extras that you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. I left the store paying just $19.88 (from $25) for the Nano Starter Kit, and won’t even get billed until the following month. There are Walmart Family Mobile events in store, where they can explain how to activate a new line, and teach you all about how you can experience Ghostbusters in virtual reality! At events find a brochure with details on plan and VR experience + a plastic 3D hologram. Check out the Walmart Family mobile hub to see where an event is happening near you!

Sony also partnered with Walmart Family Mobile, to give VR (Virtual Reality Experience) to all customers who activate new lines on any rate plan from 10/1-10/31. You’ll receive a code providing a free download of the New Ghostbuster VR Experience.

Here is how that process works:

-You first Demo at Walmart Store, then purchases Walmart Family Mobile product and gets a unique code

-You visit GhostbustersVR.com

-Register and Redeem code

-Download app from Apple Store or Google Play to access content!


We had such a great movie night with some of our good friends, and laughed our little bums off while watching the new Ghostbusters! I plan to have many more fun parties, and love that I can save money by shopping at Walmart using my Walmart Family mobile. Head on over to your local Walmart and check out their awesome deals. Happy (almost) Halloween!







Better for You + On the Go Snacks

Ciera Dastrup

Marloe and I are constantly on the go! I don't like staying home all day, or else I go pretty stir crazy. We wake up early, and head to the park for a morning jog everyday! I also try and find any excuse to leave throughout the day to run errands, or just spend time outside!! Being away from home, means I have to be prepared with everything we might need in my diaper bag! I am sharing what gets us through our day, and what I pack with me along the way!
Now that Marloe is getting older, she requires snacks, especially for longer errand trips. Today I am working with Sprouts to showcase some of my favorite snack products that I always pack in my diaper bag!


1-First off, of course I always bring 1-2 diapers with me everywhere. Wipes are a must as well, not only for changing diapers, but cleaning off sticky hands & faces! Plus when you pack snacks around, your kids will for sure get it everywhere...so wipes are for that too ha!

2-I also always have hand sanitizer, chapstick, and hand lotion in my bag! My hands get so dry here in Albuquerque, so lotion is a must for me!!!

3-Snacks for me! I am still nursing, and when I leave the house for a long time, I try to pack granola bars with me! Larabars from Sprouts are my favorite! They are organic, and low in calories, but taste sooo yummy and come in lots of flavors. These bars are just for me, and I never let my husband or Marloe have any! (They're too good hahah!!!)

4-Snacks for Marloe! I have always been so impressed with Annie's Organics snacks and products. They're delicious for any age, and Marloe and me just love them! I pack a bag of the Chocolate Chip Bunnies, and Cheddar snack mix before we head out to run errands. I feel good knowing I am giving Marloe a smart choice for snacks, and knowing they're organic makes me happy!

5- I always wear different bags when I head out the door. I am a style blogger, so coordinating my outfits with handbags is a must hehe! BUT, the problem with doing that is, I am constantly shuffling all my Diapers/wipes/baby stuff into different bags, and doing that makes me sometimes forget stuff. Then, I discovered ToteSavvy (pictured above) it fits into any medium sized bag (or bigger) and is easily transferable to all my other bags! Now, I don't need to worry about forgetting anything, and can wear any bag I want! Check them out here.


Right now Sprouts is having an AMAZING sale on select Annie’s Organic, Larabar, Cascadian Farms Organic, Food Should Taste Good, Immaculate, Epic, Mountains High, Muir Glen Organic products! 

Buy the select "Better for You" brands above and save 35% at Sprouts (Oct. 12 - 19th, limited to stock on hand) Get shopping babes! What's in your diaper bag??

Celebrating the CMA Awards in Style

Ciera Dastrup

This post has been compensated by Cost Plus World Market. All opinions are mine alone.


It's time to celebrate the "50th Annual CMA Awards"!! I absolutely love watching award shows of all kinds, and just recently started hosting fun little get together's with friends and family to watch them at my house. The "CMA Award's" will be no different! Today I teamed up with Cost Plus World Market to showcase how I plan on celebrating the "CMA Awards" this year!!!

A great idea to please all party guests, is to go with a easy, diverse, meat and cheese platter! You get a cutting board (like mine from Cost Plus World Market), and lay the meats and cheeses on it! It's easy finger food for while you watch the "CMA Awards"! And you can get as creative as you want! I got all my Entertaining Essentials from Cost Plus World Market!!

Growing up, I remember my mom blasting Shania Twain and other country music in the car on our way to school, and in the Summer on our way to the swimming pool. I had every song memorized, and would sing/shout in my loudest singing voice to the words! Those songs still hold a dear place in my heart, and I have loved Country music ever since!

For this party we plan on heading to our local Cost Plus World Market to get everything we need to host a perfect get together! Since the "CMA Awards" stand for "Country Music Awards" I want to host a country inspired party with Southern Food/Snacks! I bought the cutest white soup bowls at World Market, and am going to make homemade chili, and chicken noodle soup for my guests!

I bought a rustic wood platter, and wooden coasters to match it! I felt like they went right along with the cool rustic country themed party that I am going for! I also found the majoirty of the food items from Cost Plus World Market as well, I love that it is a one stop shop for everything I need!

To personalize my party to be more "CMA Awards" themed, I bought some cute chalkboard party picks decorations to put around the table, and into some of the food! I wrote "CMA" and "COUNTRY" on them, and placed them randomly! I love that you can personalize them for any party! :)

Since we don't drink at our house, instead of alcohol, we got tons of cute sparkling soda flavors from World Market! Not only are they delicious and make for a fun party drink, but they are super cute too! :) We plan on letting everyone have their own drink glass, but you can easily mix the flavors, or even make italian soda's with them as well! Yum!!!

I had so much fun planning out my "CMA Awards" party, and no joke, got 99% of the items (including the food) all at Cost Plus World Market! I love having one store that has everything I need in it, for the perfect party! Can't Wait for the "CMA Awards"!

Tune in tp The "CMA Awards" November 2nd 8/7c on ABC! And enter The "CMA Awards" Sweepstakes presented by Cost Plus World Market where you could win their Grand Prize Package that includes:

-A trip for 2 to “The 50th Annual CMA Awards” this year in Nashville on November 2nd, 2016

-Accommodations at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville

-$1,000 World Market Gift Card

-Plus, Three First Prize Winners

-$500 World Market Gift Card

Sweepstakes ends 10/21/16


Better Beginnings

Ciera Dastrup

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PrepTheNest #CollectiveBias

It can be so overwhelming trying to figure out what to register for when you're expecting a baby. I thought I had it all figured out, and registered for a lot of things I "thought" I needed. After Marloe came I realized a lot of the things I registered for, I didn't even use...and I found myself sending Colten to the store for a lot of things we missed getting.

One of those items was a Diaper Genie! Colten and I raced to Target to get one about 1 week after Marloe was born. I seriously thought a "baby trash can" seemed so very unnecessary, and I was so wrong. It's a LIFESAVER, and keeps the nursery smelling clean, and looking clean. I am happy to have a Target close to us! It definitely is the one stop shop for all the baby items we need!

I spend a lot of time with Marloe in her nursery, and that first week (when you're changing 4-5 diapers a day) her room had a tiny trash can that was overflowing with stinky diapers. Yuck. Getting a Diaper Genie definitely helps for Better Beginnings with your new baby!

I teamed up with Target to showcase the Playtex Diaper Genie Complete and tell you why I love it! I am also sharing my short list of "Playtex Baby Registry Must-Haves" from Target!!

This new Diaper Genie has a step on pail for easy diaper disposal! It's Odor lock technology makes it so you won't smell even the worst of diapers. And it is easy to empty, and refill the bags! There is a reason this is the number 1 selling diaper disposal Pail! Also, there is an awesome cartwheel Offer (8/21 – 9/3) going on now for 10% off the Diaper Genie pail!

click here to shop more looks you'll love at Stylinty.com
click here to shop more looks you'll love at Stylinty.com
Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Complete
Target : Expect More. Pay Less.
Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Refills
Target : Expect More. Pay Less.
Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

Playtex Nursing Bra
Target : Expect More. Pay Less.
Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

Plaited Baby Nurser with Drop
Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

Products for Sensitive Skin

Ciera Dastrup


When Marloe was just about a month old, I noticed that she started to get eczema, and red dry patches on her skin. Every time I bathed her, or put baby lotion on her-it got even worse. Her scalp was flaky and she seemed crazy uncomfortable. I remember one instance specifically when we were headed to Seattle to visit family that it got really bad. That short two hour flight, felt like 10 hours because Marloe screamed in discomfort from her skin hurting the entire flight. Under her neck was an insane rash, and Colten and I had no idea what to do!

As a new mom, I felt helpless. I searched every where on the internet to find out what the problem was, and how to fix it. I came to the conclusion that she had VERY sensitive skin. I decided to try out products that were geared towards sensitive skin, and products with no fragrances or dyes! 

I found some awesome products, and a few weeks after I made the change her skin completely cleared up! So if your a mama with a sensitive skinned baby, kid, or even yourself for that matter--these products are just for you! :)



When Marloe was first born I washed all of her clothing/blankets in Dreft. Dreft is actually a really awesome detergent, and smells SO GOOD. The only downside was that it has fragrances and dyes in it, and I had to find a new detergent for Marloe to see if it would help her skin without either. I bought Seventh Generation Free and Clear  and love it! Marloe's skin has been clear ever since switching! It also is strong against stains, which we all know babies make a lot of! 


At my baby shower for Marloe I was gifted a ton of Johnsons baby lotion. I love the scent of that lotion, to me it is the perfect clean baby smell! Unfortunately Marloe's skin does not like that stuff at all! I tried so many different lotions, and nothing was helping. I even tried plain coconut oil....and it made it worse. I finally found a few that seem to have worked, and help to moisturize her dry skin! The first was The Honest Company Face & body lotion! I love The Honest Companies products, and this lotion did not disappoint. I also tried Eucerin's baby lotion. I put it on Marloe every night before bed, and her skin feels so soft like a baby's skin should feel!!!


Marloe LOVES bath and shower time! When she was younger I used to take her in the bath with me, then I put her in the sink when she got a little older. Now she loves sitting on the shower floor, while I shower. I use Shea Moisture all over baby wash on her. It smells soooo good, and doesn't strip her skin of moisture. You guys, even Colten loves the smell of this wash, and I have caught him using it!!! CeraVe baby wash & Shampoo is also another great one for sensitive skin! 


There are so many wipe brands out there, and not all are made equally. I prefer wipes with no fragrances or dyes! My absolute favorite wipes are Bloom Baby wipes, they are sold at Target now! But, these wipes are not only made for sensitive skin, but are also high quality, thick, and absorbent! I am pretty picky when it comes to diapers, because Marloe can get pretty bad diaper rash with bad quality diapers. I have tried The Honest Company diapers and love them, but they are a bit pricy....although SUPER CUTE. But I have found that the Costco Kirkland brand diapers have been great for Marloe, and I can buy the huge pack from Costco that lasts a long time! They are similar to Huggies, and I also really like Huggies as well!


Marloe's excema got really bad when she was around 3 months old. I felt so bad for her, and wanted those dry patches to go away! I bought LOTS of ointments, and found some that have worked well for her! Her pediatrician recommended I put Hydrocortisone cream on her dry spots. That helped very fast, and the red patches faded just after a few days! I also tried BabyGanics Excema skin protection lotion. This stuff really helps to lock in moisture on those dry areas, and help them to not get enflamed! 


Hope this helps! xx


Ciera Dastrup


Life has been pretty chaotic lately. And I sometimes need sit back and remember whats really important, my Family! We are planning trips, trying to get stuff done at home, and Colten is always pretty busy with his job! Through all the hard times, I am just so grateful for families! They are the ones that will stick by your side, no matter the issue!!! :) 

Marloe seems like a toddler to me lately....she has grown so much! She currently has one tooth, and working on another. She is almost standing up, is constantly babbling, and fits in 12 month clothing size! Where did my newborn go???? Time seriously flies by so quickly....Anyway, we had an awesome photographer come into our home, and snap some honest lifestyle shots for us! I love how real these photos are, totally shows our true selves and what really goes on at home!

*Photography by Sarah Ellefson

City Select Stroller LOVE

Ciera Dastrup


I have a slight obsession with strollers. They ARE the best, when you get the BEST. I often get asked my opinions on strollers, and which ones I recommend and love! I have a few too many strollers.....for my one child haha, so I definitely know my stuff! The one stroller brand I want to talk about today is City Select Joggers, and the awesome deal BabyCubby.com is having on them right now!!!!

There are hundreds of places on the internet to buy strollers/baby stuff, but Babycubby.com is more than just a place to buy products, they are SO much more! They are an awesome recourse for all things baby, and help to educate their customers on products and all things baby! They're definitely more than just "another baby store"! You will feel that when interacting with them on their social media, or on their site!!!

Right now until July 31st, they are having an insanely awesome deal going on for Single 2015 Baby Jogger City Select strollers for $100 OFF and Double 2015 Baby Jogger City Select Strollers are $150 OFF! That is a STEAL you guys! Strollers rarely go on sale, and if you're in the market for one, I highly recommend The City Select brand!!!!!!!

I am currently in the process of getting a new City Select stroller, but got to try my sister in laws out while downtown in Seattle a few months ago. Oh my gosh you guys, I am obsessed with the quality, and can't wait to get my own! They're so sleek, and built to last! Check out the link below to shop these Amazing deals!!!!!


& here is an awesome stroller buying guide for your reference as well!!!!


Sharing some of my favorites from the sale below! Click to be redirected!

Hourglass Angel Waist Training

Ciera Dastrup

While I was pregnant with Marloe, my mom told me that after her 5 pregnancies she wore a girdle for weeks after giving birth to help train her stomach to go back to its normal state/size! I looked everywhere in stores and online for something! I bought a couple of girdles before giving birth and after I had Marloe and I used them right away! But, I honestly just wasn't happy with them and felt like they weren't really doing their job! They were so bulky and uncomfortable, you could tell I was wearing one, and I couldn't stop itching from them too! 

That's when I discovered Hourglass Angel! It's my little secret under EVERYTHING I wear! I love how it smooths down my post baby pooch, and it has tremendously shrunk down my waist size! The best part about it, is that no one can tell I'm wearing it! It goes well under everything, and I got the nude colors, so that they down stand out under my clothes! I even sometimes wear them to bed! :)

I found my fit in this simple waist training guide -- find yours.

I know most people think of Kim K when they think about waist trainers. But they are actually more common than you think. They are recommended by SO many people to help train your waist to shrink down after birth! Lots of models swear by them after their pregnancies! Of course diet and exercise helps so much, but this gives your hard work the extra push it needs, and you can see results even days after!

I don't wear mine all day everyday, but I try to wear it at least 2-4 hours a day and sometimes more! I have shrunk inches since wearing mine, and my shape looks so much more back to normal. Hourglass Angel has so many options, including shape wear clothing as well! I have mine all linked below! If you have any questions, leave them below!


Post Sponsored by Hourglass Angel*




Copper Pearl

Ciera Dastrup


Hi loves! Talking about one of my favorite companies today Copper Pearl! For a long time I was looking for something that would catch Marloe's constant drool stream! That girl drools so much that her onesies get soaked and it irritates her sensitive baby skin :( I ended up putting these ugly bibs on her that were meant for catching spills when you feed your baby solids!!! They were not cute, and she never left the house wearing them! Thats when I found Copper Pearl's cute stylish bibs! They have so many styles, and they serve a BIG purpose! They catch her drool, and help keep her onesies dry! They are also perfect when nursing, and wiping off her milky face!! I posted my favorite styles of their bibs below! 

I also LOVE their stretchy carseat & nursing cover. I seriously use it evrytime i need to nurse in public! It is lightweight too, which is nice, since Marloe HATES being covered when she nurses! (I don't blame her haha!) I took it with me on my last flight, and it was so convenient to just take it off the carseat and put it around my neck to nurse! It looks cute as a scarf too!!! Check it out below & shop your faves!!!!

Thanks CopperPearl for sponsoring this post*

Being a Mom-Month 1

Ciera Dastrup

MY LOOK: Dress-Fledgeling//Shoes-MattBernson//Bag-Baginc//Jacket-TartCollections(similarHERE)

MARLOES LOOK: Dress-GapBaby//Bow-CypressGrey

Hello, first off let me just say thank you to all my followers & whoever is reading this! Means so much to me, and I LOVE you guys!!!!! Okay, I cannot believe my baby is 6 weeks old, these first 6 weeks have flown by and I am getting freaked out and want time to slow down! I still haven't shared my birth story either.....so I am going to share that with you below! Its not to exciting, but for those of you that are expecting, sometimes it's nice to read others experiences to prepare you for your own.


I currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my husband. We moved here last March for my husbands job and have ZERO family here. When I found out I was pregnant and due right around Christmas, I decided that I would just fly up to Utah (where I am from and my family lives) to deliver my baby. Also, my husbands aunt who lives in Utah happens to be an OBGYN, so I thought it would be awesome to have her deliver our baby there anyway! I flew up to Utah for every prenatal visit, and flew up twenty days before my due date (just in case). My husband, Colten, flew up with me and went to our 37 1/2 week prenatal visit. Well, during that visit our aunt (our OBGYN) told me I was already dilated to a 2, and 60% effaced which was crazy at 37 weeks! Colten had planned to fly back to Albuquerque, so he wouldn't miss so much work, but he was caught off guard that i was so close to delivering! He left anyway, and our aunt decided it would be best for me to have an induction date, because I was progressing so fast, and so that Colten could plan on a time to fly down and not miss our child's birth!!!! I felt much better knowing a date, but also because I was progressing so fast the baby could have come any day before that! 

The day approached, and we went into the hosptial on the 14th that night around 7pm to start the Pitocin, that would slowly progress me more into labor. I was SO nervous on the way to the hospital. I had very few contractions before I got there, and the ones I did have were very faint, and not painful whatsoever! We checked into our room, and they started me on the Pitocin, and I slowly started having more contractions, yet they still weren't painful or very strong. My aunt came in, and decided it was time to break my water. I was nervous for this, because my sister had told me that it was one of the most painful things, and they basically stick what looks like a crochet needle up there to do it. She broke my water, and although it was painful, it wasn't as bad as I expected. They told me the contractions would start to become stronger and more painful, but since I hadn't had any pain whatsoever I told them I would hold off before getting my epidural. I stood up after they broke my water, and I felt the rush of water go down my leg! Weirdest feeling EVER! Literally moments after my water broke, I felt the first VERY PAINFUL contraction. It was terrible, and after three of those, I asked for the epidural to take away the pain. Our epidural dr. (can't remember what they're called hahah) came in and he was AWESOME. He explained everything to me, and the sensations I would be feeling as he was doing everything. I'll be honest I felt no pain from the epidural, mostly because I had strong painful contractions during it that overpowered every other sensation i could have felt. I was shaking so bad during them, that my sweet nurse held my hand and brushed my hair. Once he finished with the epidural, he told me to wait 20 minutes, and if I still felt pain to let him know. After 20 minutes I was still feeling the contractions, so he came back and gave me an extra dose. After that I was in paradise. I chatted with my husband, ate ice chips, and felt amazing!!! They would tell me I was having a contraction by looking at the monitor, but I couldn't feel a thing haha! My husband slept, and I got an hour in maybe, but although I felt no pain, I was so scared for the actual 'giving birth' part. I couldn't stop thinking about it.....

Hours flew by, and my nurse came in to check my progress, and told me it was TIME! Ahhh, my aunt came in and gently got me into position to push. Colten from the beginning of my pregnancy always told me he wanted to stay up by my face the entire time, and not look 'down there' because he thought it would freak/gross him out! But right when our aunt came in to tell us to start pushing, he grabbed my leg, and was ready to help! I was super surprised, and honestly it made me love him even more! I pushed for about 45 minutes, when she said that the baby was almost out! Pushing was exhausting, but I felt zero pain the entire time. I could feel pressure and tugging (sorry if TMI), but zero pain....thats why I love modern medicine guys. Then after a couple big pushes, she was HERE!!!! I was so exhausted by this point, that I didn't feel like what was happening was even real. It was beyond emotional, and I just wanted to sleep and hold my baby!!! We had one hour of skin on skin, before they took her to weigh and measure her! That first day was nuts, you are just given this little human to take care of, and your emotions are all over the place! Anyway, there is my birth story! Totally not exciting, but beautiful and awesome nonetheless! Marlow Wyn Hudson, 7 lbs 5 oz, and 19 inches long! :)

Month 1:

Since my birth story was pretty long, Ill keep this somewhat short and sweet. Being a mom for that first week after her birth was tough. I had a bit of the baby blues, and just didn't feel like myself at all. Even though I post pictures now with my striking stomach, it did NOT look like that in the first week. I felt pretty nasty, and I was in a lot of pain and felt over all uncomfortable. Marloe was sleeping pretty well for the first 3 days when we came home from the hospital, but then she got a little cold, which was scary and disrupted her sleep (and mine). It's crazy how fast I just fell in love with her, and couldn't believe I had lived without her! Me and Colten spent Christmas and New Years with her there in Utah. I loved being around family, but I was so ready to get home to our house, and get settled and into a routine. Everyday she is learning or doing something new. She has started smiling like crazy, and is a definite mommas girl. (Although she loves her dad very much, and smiles the most for him). She is getting so chubby, and already doesn't fit in anything newborn, which is so sad :( She is a little spoiled diva, and has to be held, so doing daily tasks is difficult, unless I put her in my Solly Baby Wrap! She loves taking baths and showers, and hates getting dressed....which sucks, because I love dressing her in cute outfits....even though she gets them dirty 5 seconds later! Anyway, being a mom is awesome, my husband is already talking about baby number 2! He is crazy, and we are definitely gunna wait on that haha! Maybe in 2 years! 

One thing I don't love, is how hard it is to find cute nurse friendly clothes! I stumbled upon a company called Fledgeling, and got this adorable nursing dress! I wore it to church on Sunday, and it is soo very convenient! I love how it is dark colored as well...for those baby spit ups, or leaky breasts! (Sorry if TMI haha). Anyway, if you're looking for cute nursing bras, clothing, or baby clothes check them out! 



Owlet Baby Monitor

Ciera Dastrup

I am your typical first time mom with a newborn....aka, TOTALLY over protective and constantly worried over the slightest of things. I google everything that I am unsure about, and am always waking up in the night making sure my baby girl is breathing! Us moms can't help but (over) worry, its instinctual. Fortunately I found something that gives me peace if mind, the Owlet Baby Monitor!!! This monitor goes on your babies left foot, and monitors their oxygen level & heart rate while they sleep! It connects to your phone through their app, and you can check on your baby anywhere!!!! I love the technology of this monitor, and how easy it is to use. I highly recommend it for not only first time moms, but all moms (or dads) out there! Learn more about it HERE!!

Use my special promo link for $20 off your monitor! Click this link HERE and the offer will already be applied at checkout YAY!

Downtown hangin' with Marloe Wyn

Ciera Dastrup

I LOVE being a mom! I love having that constant little buddy with me wherever I go, and I especially love dressing her in cute outfits, and topping them off with cute bows! We went to downtown Nob Hill in ABQ, and visited a yummy juice bar and just walked the streets getting some sun and fresh air! Its so tempting to just stay inside in bed all day with the baby, because getting your baby ready to go is already SO tough, let alone getting time to get ready yourself. But you end up feeling so much better when you just get up and out of the house, I know I do anyway! I have my mom here this weekend, and that has helped a lot!!!! I have finally been able to get some laundry done, and she even bought some cleaning supplies to help me clean my bathrooms.....because I really can't imagine having time to do that right now with the baby! (Usually I wrap her up in my SollyWrap when I clean the house, and I don't feel comfortable using harsh cleaning chemicals around her!) I also am SHOCKED at the amount of bras I go through haha! I am constantly changing them because they get covered in milk!!!!!! I have like ten nursing bras, and I could honestly use ten more lol! Also I have been using this Louis Vuitton as my diaper bag! Not only is it cute, but actually works perfect as a diaper bag as well! I love changing my bags around, and my diaper bag is no different! Use code CIERA40 for $40 OFF your purchase of $200 or more WWW.THELADYBAG.COM!





Nursery Registry - Babies''R''Us

Ciera Dastrup

Having a new baby is A LOT of work! Being prepared is key! That’s why my husband and I went straight to Babies’’R’’Us to register for our new baby so we could make sure we got everything we needed!! Since this was our first bundle of joy we had zero clue as to what we actually wanted, but fortunately Babies”R”Us had category experts there that helped us get registered for all the must have gear! I was so excited after leaving the store, and felt confident in the decisions we made!



Overtime a friend bought us something from our registry and at Babies“R”Us, you can earn up to 10% back on registry purchases made from family and friends. The 10% coupon really helped so that we could buy everything left over that we didn’t get from our baby shower! You receive it 6-8 weeks prior to your expected arrival date, just in time for the baby! One of our favorite item’s we got from our registry is our ‘hudson’ Babyletto crib! It is modern, and it grows with your growing baby!


Now baby Marloe is set with an awesome nursery filled with everything she needs & more!!! I highly recommend registering at Babies’’R’’Us to all my pregnant friends! They also have a fun filled Baby Registry party on January 16th to help start your baby registry. Awesome games, raffles prizes, giveaways and more!


This post is sponsored by Babies’’R’'Us


*All Babies”R”Us will be hyperlinked to toysr.us/BabyRegistry


YTC Hospital Bag

Ciera Dastrup


FINALLY got my hospital bag packed and put together! I'll be leaving from NM, to UT on Sunday and staying there with my family until I have the baby! AHH!!! Things are seriously getting more and more real every single day! Anyway, here is my hospital bag line up (plus a few things not pictured). PS. I am obsessed with those DoTerra Oils that I get from my girl Courtney Clegg! They are life savers, and i can't wait to soothe my baby with the baby blend oils!

BABY MAMA Essentials

Ciera Dastrup

Hi BABES!!!! Here is my go-to 'running errands' outfit, consisting of comfy black leggings, a cute top, some tennis shoes, and ALWAYS Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher! :) So I am nearing the end of this pregnancy, and for the last couple of months I have been putting together a list of items that are definite BABY MAMA must haves for you and your newborn! These are items I have myself, and would recommend to any mom! This is just round one, and will be putting together another short list soon! :) Let me know if I should be trying anything else, or if you have any other maternity/new mom/newborn item reccomendations!

1. Pump Strap: So I have been around lots of nursing mamas. One complaint I heard a lot was that when trying to pump, the pump itself wouldn't stay onto their breasts. I even have a friend who cute holes into her sports bras to fit the pumps in so they wouldn't fall off! The Pump Strap is designed to keep your breast pump in place to make for a quicker, smoother pumping experience! I can't wait to try it out, and let you guys know my full review!

2. Solly Baby Wrap: These baby wearing wraps are so cute! I have two, a grey, and maroon one! I have heard nothing but great things about them, and so many moms have been telling me how much they adore them! The material is so soft, and they are great quality! Also baby wearing is known to burn calories!!! WHAT?! Free hands, happy baby, and burning those extra calories!

3. Infanteenie Beenie: The cutest, newborn hospital beenies I have laid my eyes on!! I already have a few of them packed in my hospital bag for my babies arrival! They are made with super soft hospital grade material allowing parents to keep the traditional nursery look, but with added style!!!

4. Trompe.co Paci Clips: Pretty braided pacifier clips for your baby! They make them in the cutest colors! I adore these clips, and they would look cute hooked onto any baby outfit. 

5. Bellifly Pillow: This pillow is a LIFE SAVER. It can be used in a number of ways, and is so comfortable. Here are some awesome ways to use it:

  • Doubled up between your knees to relieve hip/pelvic strain.  This position is also particularly useful postpartum, as your body attempts to bounce back to its “new” normal.
  • One side under your belly and one side between your knees.  The middle will stretch as you change positions throughout the night! (And lets face it, pregnancy and sleep DO NOT go hand and hand. So this really helps you to get a restful nights sleep).
  • Use it as a back rest!  Since it’s so portable and compact, you can take it with you for traveling! (I travel a lot, and took this on my last flight and it helped so much! I usually get so restless and uncomfortable, but I felt so much better this time around. 

6. Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag: These diaper bags are HIGH QUALITY. Seriously, I may or may not use mine as a purse already....because its just so darn cute! The bags have so many compartments to put all the little day to day necessities you need in there, and in an organized way! Ill be doing a full post soon featuring this cute diaper bag, and the one I specifically have!

7. Bambo Nature diapers: I know the importance of knowing what materials are used to make certain products! These diapers are:
· Guaranteed Skin-Friendly – No Dangerous Chemicals and or Allergens
· Guaranteed Eco-Friendly – Sustainable Resources and Less Waste
· Guaranteed Sleep-Friendly – Maximum Absorbency, Ultra-Soft, Ultra-Flexible

Spoiled Mama

Ciera Dastrup

I have been trying hard during my pregnancy to stay fit and healthy. Not only am I worried about what goes in my body, but also what I am putting on my body as well! Moisturizing during pregnancy (and in general) is VERY important. Your skin is stretching and can constantly feel dry and itchy! I recently came across a company called Spoiled Mama, and boy does their name ring true! I LOVE their pregnancy skin care products!  They help with keeping your growing belly hydrated, they're a pregnancy stretch mark treatment, and you can see the difference in your skin instantly! I have nearly used all of the products I have of theirs until almost empty!!! Their Belly Butter and stretch mark oil are some of my favorites (and most used lol). I currently am 6 1/2 months pregnant with no stretch marks, and I know that Spoiled Mama Brand is definitely a factor in that! See below for the products I HIGHLY recommend and love along with a little coupon code!

Yours Truly Ciera Exclusive - 15% off all orders!

Code: YTCLUV15

Valid until: 10/6/2015

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6 Month Maternity Shoot

Ciera Dastrup

I can't believe I am already 27 weeks pregnant!!!!!!!!! Where the heck has time gone? That is just 2 1/2 months away from meeting our little girl. I just want December to come already...Anyway, I did this fun mountainy/Fall shoot with the talented photographer Liz Keith! She and I met up for a quick 45 minute shoot while I was up in Utah. I wore this stunning Free People dress, and some Sam Edelman booties. Lately all I like wearing are dresses, or leggings....I can only imagine how much worse its going to get as my belly gets bigger and bigger! Also, I am in the process of planning my nursery, and deciding what to get in my hospital bag...I'm so nervous to give birth, like I have nightmares at night about it, then I feel the baby kick and I know it'll be all worth it.

Hope you like these photos, and if you're looking for an awesome photographer check out (@spankybeans) on IG! 


Top 10 Date Ideas

Ciera Dastrup


A little while back some of my Instagram followers asked for a post on mine and my husbands favorite date night activities! So I decided to share our top 10 with all of you! Enjoy, and be sure to let me know if you have any other questions!

  1. Pinterest DIY Date- We love scrolling through Pinterest DIY boards and finding a fun craft or project to do! For example a few months back we found a DIY for a succulent planter/vase. We wrote down the items we needed and took off the store. We had a lot of fun painting the glasses vases together and planting our new plants. We put the plants in our room, and it was fun taking care of them together! There are SO many DIY projects out there, that I am sure each couple will be able to find something fun to work on whether big or small. Check out PINTEREST for some fun ones!
  2. Dinner & Dessert Date- Going out is always fun! But me and my husband LOVE staying in and cooking together. We find recipes online, and one of us makes dessert while the other makes dinner. We first head to the store together to pick up ingredients! (No frozen foods or pre-made desserts! Make your dinners from scratch it's more fun and tastes way better). We then head home and whip up dinner/dessert. It's a fun experimenting with different recipes and trying new stuff out!
  3. Hike & Lunch- We love going on hikes together, and just being outdoors together in general.  We'll plan a fun hike for the weekend (usually a Saturday), and if its a bit of a drive we will pack snacks for the distance! Being in the car alone together is the perfect time to talk and connect, I love all of our fun conversations we have while driving. We go on our hike, and afterwards we love finding little cafes or restaurants to stop on the way home to get lunch! If you don't want to eat out, then you can pack a lunch to eat on the hike or on the drive home! 
  4. Movie Night in- This is one of our favorite things to do! Whether we cooked dinner at home or went out, we love when the night ends on our comfy couch with blankets, treats, and a good movie! Pick a movie you BOTH want to watch, get treats or make a dessert and make the night about cuddling and enjoying each other's company! You can even start a new TV series on Netflix and have a brand new show you both haven't seen to enjoy! It can be YOUR show, and your night-in can consist of a couple episodes. 
  5. Game Night with Friends- Games are so fun, and are even better with friends! Invite another couple over and plan a game night. Get bowls and fill them with different snacks and treats! You will be laughing hard all night playing games, and it's good for your relationship to spend time with other couples! 
  6. Fitness Classes- Go find a Groupon for a local fitness class, and sign you and your husband up for a class together! Or if you're a member at a gym that offers gym classes, that's even better! You will be burning calories, and spending time together. The best part is afterwards you can take a bath or shower together, and give each other massages! 
  7. Going on a Drive- Drives are fun, especially if you have no destination in mind! Drive somewhere together, and stop and fun places along the way! I love little cafes, and coffee shops! You can try out places you never would have thought of before. If you see something scenic, just get out and explore, take pictures, and get back on the road. End the night with finding a place for dinner! Don't go to your run of the mill dinner place! Find something new, hole in the wall restaurants are usually the best!
  8. Overnight Camping Trip- Don't have a lot of time for a camping trip? Go just one night, and make it as simple as possible when it comes to packing! If you have a truck or bigger car make a bed in the back and drive somewhere as close or as far as you want! Pack pre-made sandwiches and snacks for your little adventure! (Just remember to pack food that doesn't require heating or being cooked!) Pack a book to read together, or even a podcast to listen to! Leave your phones at home, and spend time off the grid for just one night! Colten and I haven't tried this yet, but it's definitely on our list! 
  9. Shopping Date- Go to the mall together and go your separate ways to buy each other something. Decide on an amount beforehand (I suggest $10-$50) and try to buy something special your partner will love! Also put a time limit on it, so you're not shopping forever. Meet back together and head home! Give your gifts to each other and explain why you felt the person would like what you got them! Something fun to add is giving the person 3 details of something you currently want. For example if you have been dying to get a dark blue shirt to match a skirt you have then you would write down; Dark Blue, Shirt, Short sleeved. Your partner will have to scour the mall finding what you want! And it makes it a little more challenging!
  10. Go to a Park- I am not referring to a park with swings, and slides I am talking about Zoos, aquariums, museums, gardens, and so on! These can be so fun, and you can experience something fun or new you've never seen together. Plan a day out of it, and spend time laughing, taking pictures, and talking about the interesting things you saw.

All Photos Copyrighted and Taken by Mike Kemp