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Top 10 Date Ideas

Ciera Dastrup


A little while back some of my Instagram followers asked for a post on mine and my husbands favorite date night activities! So I decided to share our top 10 with all of you! Enjoy, and be sure to let me know if you have any other questions!

  1. Pinterest DIY Date- We love scrolling through Pinterest DIY boards and finding a fun craft or project to do! For example a few months back we found a DIY for a succulent planter/vase. We wrote down the items we needed and took off the store. We had a lot of fun painting the glasses vases together and planting our new plants. We put the plants in our room, and it was fun taking care of them together! There are SO many DIY projects out there, that I am sure each couple will be able to find something fun to work on whether big or small. Check out PINTEREST for some fun ones!
  2. Dinner & Dessert Date- Going out is always fun! But me and my husband LOVE staying in and cooking together. We find recipes online, and one of us makes dessert while the other makes dinner. We first head to the store together to pick up ingredients! (No frozen foods or pre-made desserts! Make your dinners from scratch it's more fun and tastes way better). We then head home and whip up dinner/dessert. It's a fun experimenting with different recipes and trying new stuff out!
  3. Hike & Lunch- We love going on hikes together, and just being outdoors together in general.  We'll plan a fun hike for the weekend (usually a Saturday), and if its a bit of a drive we will pack snacks for the distance! Being in the car alone together is the perfect time to talk and connect, I love all of our fun conversations we have while driving. We go on our hike, and afterwards we love finding little cafes or restaurants to stop on the way home to get lunch! If you don't want to eat out, then you can pack a lunch to eat on the hike or on the drive home! 
  4. Movie Night in- This is one of our favorite things to do! Whether we cooked dinner at home or went out, we love when the night ends on our comfy couch with blankets, treats, and a good movie! Pick a movie you BOTH want to watch, get treats or make a dessert and make the night about cuddling and enjoying each other's company! You can even start a new TV series on Netflix and have a brand new show you both haven't seen to enjoy! It can be YOUR show, and your night-in can consist of a couple episodes. 
  5. Game Night with Friends- Games are so fun, and are even better with friends! Invite another couple over and plan a game night. Get bowls and fill them with different snacks and treats! You will be laughing hard all night playing games, and it's good for your relationship to spend time with other couples! 
  6. Fitness Classes- Go find a Groupon for a local fitness class, and sign you and your husband up for a class together! Or if you're a member at a gym that offers gym classes, that's even better! You will be burning calories, and spending time together. The best part is afterwards you can take a bath or shower together, and give each other massages! 
  7. Going on a Drive- Drives are fun, especially if you have no destination in mind! Drive somewhere together, and stop and fun places along the way! I love little cafes, and coffee shops! You can try out places you never would have thought of before. If you see something scenic, just get out and explore, take pictures, and get back on the road. End the night with finding a place for dinner! Don't go to your run of the mill dinner place! Find something new, hole in the wall restaurants are usually the best!
  8. Overnight Camping Trip- Don't have a lot of time for a camping trip? Go just one night, and make it as simple as possible when it comes to packing! If you have a truck or bigger car make a bed in the back and drive somewhere as close or as far as you want! Pack pre-made sandwiches and snacks for your little adventure! (Just remember to pack food that doesn't require heating or being cooked!) Pack a book to read together, or even a podcast to listen to! Leave your phones at home, and spend time off the grid for just one night! Colten and I haven't tried this yet, but it's definitely on our list! 
  9. Shopping Date- Go to the mall together and go your separate ways to buy each other something. Decide on an amount beforehand (I suggest $10-$50) and try to buy something special your partner will love! Also put a time limit on it, so you're not shopping forever. Meet back together and head home! Give your gifts to each other and explain why you felt the person would like what you got them! Something fun to add is giving the person 3 details of something you currently want. For example if you have been dying to get a dark blue shirt to match a skirt you have then you would write down; Dark Blue, Shirt, Short sleeved. Your partner will have to scour the mall finding what you want! And it makes it a little more challenging!
  10. Go to a Park- I am not referring to a park with swings, and slides I am talking about Zoos, aquariums, museums, gardens, and so on! These can be so fun, and you can experience something fun or new you've never seen together. Plan a day out of it, and spend time laughing, taking pictures, and talking about the interesting things you saw.

All Photos Copyrighted and Taken by Mike Kemp

Canoe Shoot

Ciera Dastrup


I am back from my honeymoon and can't wait to share all of those photos with you, along with my wedding photos! But first I want to share some of these AMAZING photos by the talented Stephanie Sunderland Photography. I have posted quite a few of these already on my social media, but there are so many great ones, that I decided to dedicate a blog post with my favorites from that shoot. Some outfit details will be at the bottom as well! Let me know what you think, and also go follow @stephaniesunderlandphotography in INSTAGRAM!




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