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Ciera Dastrup

Thought I would share the story with all of you, because it was one of the happiest days of my life. I am going to need to tell you a little bit of the back story, so here it goes....

the week before:
(First off for those of you who don't know Colten works for a company that flies him somewhere new each weekend, where he stays in hotels and does real estate investment seminars. He leaves nearly every Thursday and returns home Monday morning.) Sucks right? Hardly ever getting to spend a weekend with your boyfriend... Well he just so happened to have this weekend off, and I was so excited because it was the 24th of July (Utah Holiday) and my family throws a big party and the park across the street from my house does AMAZING FIREWORKS. Well Tuesday morning comes, and Colten shows me a text from his boss saying that they need Colten to fill in with another team this weekend to Oklahoma. Needless to say I was devastated, I was SO looking forward to a fun weekend with him and my family. 
Then things got even worse...
His mom texted me saying she and Colten's brothers wife were flying in to Utah from Seattle to help move some of Colten's brother and sister-in-laws things back to Seattle, where they were living. She asked if they could come by on the 24th to watch fireworks. 
I couldnt believe that Coltens MOM AND SISTER IN-LAW would be in town, and Colten wouldn't even be there to hang out with them and me.

the night before:
My sister calls me while I was in the car with Colten, and invites me to go get our nails done with my mom. I say no immediately, because it was the night before Colten had to leave to Oklahoma for work and I wanted to spend time with him. Also I was wierded out that my sister wanted to get her nails done in the first place because she NEVER does. After I hang up with her, Colten tells me that I really should go spend time with my sister and mom. And that he will be fine, and just be packing for work anyways. So I go. 
Near the end of getting my nails done, Colten texts me and tells me he needs to drive all the way to SLC to get some work cases. I was mad! I felt like I wasn't going to get to spend ANY time with him at all before he left. He didn't get home until almost nine that night. I decided to try and be positive, and happy during the time we did get to spend together though. 

the day of:
It was the 24th! And almost every year my family runs the 5k that our city puts on. It started at 7, and Colten didn't need to be to the airport until 10:30, so he came and ran it too! After the race, we drove home and he got showered and ready for the airport, with a fully packed suitcase. Everything seemed pretty normal, and similar to all the other weekends where he has left. I kissed him goodbye and he got in his car and drove off...
I sat at my house for a while, feeling pretty sad. I get Monday-Thursday morning with him, and having him for a full week seemed like a dream. So to have him leave made me super upset.
So at the big park/fields across the street from my house (where they do the fireworks and concert) they also bring the Mayor in on a Helicopter that night. Well none of those activities start until later that night, but my dad (who was hired to film the festivities) said he would pay me to take pictures of the helicopter landing. It was going to land at two pm and he wanted me to walk over there with him to get some cool shots. 

the proposal:
I walked over to the park with my dad and some family members who wanted to check out the helicopter. We stood in the field and watched it fly around the sky, I kept the camera to my eye and kept snapping pictures. It kept getting closer and closer. I not once put the camera down. It was close to landing when I saw him....COLTEN WAS IN THE HELICOPTER. I immediately knew what was happening and began to cry. I then saw his mom, sister, sister in-law, and best friend running in towards me. Colten jumped out of the helicopter and came towards me. It didn't feel like real life. He got on one knee and asked me. I SAID YES. I was bombarded with hugs from family members. But immediately he grabbed my hand and walked me towards the helicopter, and we got in. It was incredible. Being hundreds of feet in the air, flying over mountains holding my best friend's hand and a freaking ring on my left finger!!!!! I couldn't believe it. The ride was amazing, and I didn't ever want it to end. Colten did a BAD A job. I was completely shocked and he lied to me so good that I should probably be worried. OH, and my family was in on it too. It was a beautiful moment, and the happiness I felt there can't even be explained in words. 
Also when he said he needed to go to SLC to pick up work cases while I got my nails done, he was really at the Helicopter Pilots house planning it all out.


top///Nordstrom Rack (and kimono)
shoes///Jessica Simpson

Yours Truly,