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Wholesome Spring Time Snack

Ciera Dastrup


This post is sponsored by Stonyfield® Organic Kids® Yogurt

It’s Earth Month, and in honor of Earth Day I am partnering with Stonyfield® Organic Kids® Yogurt multipacks to share why we love them for a healthy springtime snack! As your toddler grows older, it can get pretty difficult to keep them on track and eating healthy foods on a daily basis. I love having Stonyfield® Organic Kids® Yogurt multipacks on hand in our fridge, because they make for a much more wholesome snack! I have definitely been guilty of grabbing processed packaged food to give Marloe for a quick snack, or when we are on the go...but I have made it a goal to give her healthier options like Stonyfield Organic Kids Yogurt!!!

Marloe loves eating her Stonyfield Organic Kids Yogurt, and I love that they recently completed a sugar reduction across its Stonyfield® Organic Kids® portfolio, featuring between 25% - 40% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt. They also have been around for 35 years as a trusted organic yogurt!! Not only do we buy the multipacks but also the on-the-go pouches! They make for an easy car snack, and I will throw them in my car or diaper bag to give to Marloe while we're out running errands.

Now that the rain has settled down here a bit in Seattle, we are able to visit our favorite parks a lot more and get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! We have already participated in some fun Earth Day activities, like cleaning up trash from our local park, and planting flowers at the cemetery! We bring our Stonyfield Organic Kids Yogurt along to enjoy a yummy wholesome snack while we volunteer. I bring some berries & granola to mix in with her yogurt, and Marloe LOVES it!!! We sometimes add in coconut flakes, or honey to change it up a bit.  Also did you know? Stonyfield® Organic Kids® Yogurt multipacks are made from plants?! Their cups made from plants have a lower carbon footprint and are much better for the environment than petroleum based cups. Celebrate Earth Month and snack on the only kids yogurt that comes in plant-based cups!!

We can all do our part to protect & celebrate Earth Day!!! Get out and enjoy some Earth Day activities while bringing some Stonyfield® Organic Kids® Yogurt long with you!