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Ciera Dastrup


First comes love and then comes marriage, but in between is something very important. The proposal! Looking back on that special moment, a lot of the small details have started to fade but I still vividly remember the way I felt that day...and that’s something that will stick with me forever. Today I’ve partnered with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group to share that amazing day with you!!

Colten and I had dated for almost two years. Those years were spent being with each other every chance we got. We loved adventuring outdoors, traveling to new places, and spending time with friends and family. We knew early on in our relationship that we wanted to get married, Colten was my very best friend and I saw our future in his eyes.

A few months before we got engaged, Colten had randomly suggested we go look at custom ring designs with a jeweler. I was over the moon excited to hear him suggest anything ring related, and we quickly set up a time to go take a look. I remember feeling so happy flipping through the pages of all the different ring designs, and talking with the jeweler about what kind of ring I saw myself wearing. Everything about that day was amazing...but then days and weeks went by without any proposal or further talk about it. I was confused. I thought that maybe Colten had changed his mind, or that the ring I designed was out of his budget.

Now a few months had gone by, and I had decided not to worry about the proposal anymore. I was super happy with our relationship, and felt like it would happen when he was ready. Around this time, Colten had a weekend work trip in Kansas. I was helping him pack for the trip, and he was telling me about how busy his week was going to be in Kansas. I was sad he was leaving for work, because there just so happened to be a big neighborhood/city party happening at the park across the street from my parents house. We had gone to the party the year before and had the best time together, so I was upset he wouldn’t be there this time.

He left to the airport and I started getting ready for the festivities. My dad is a videographer & was asked by one of the party coordinators if he could take a video of the mayor coming in on a helicopter at the park. My dad asked if i would come help him out, and I quickly agreed! We got all our  camera gear ready and walked over to the park. I could see the helicopter in the distance, and noticed my family started walking over to the park from my parents house. I figured they wanted to get a closer look at the helicopter, and I started waving for them to come over to us.

The helicopter was about 15 feet away from us, as it landed on the parks grass fields. I had one of my dads cameras up against my face, and I started snapping pictures like crazy. I watched as the helicopter propellers stopped spinning and a handsome man came out the side door of the helicopter....it was COLTEN! I got a pit in my stomach, and immediately knew that something was up! I put the camera down, and he began to run up to me. I started shaking as he knelt down on one knee. At the same time I noticed his family (who lived in WA at the time) started running up to us on the grass field.

As he knelt on one knee, I could hear so much excitement and nervousness in his voice. He told me how much I meant to him and that he wanted to spend his life with me. Then he asked if I would marry him!!! I quickly said yes, and cried as he put the ring I had designed (all those month ago) on my finger. My family all cheered and hugged us, I couldn’t believe how happy I felt in that moment. I had dreamed of this day ever since I fell in love with Colten.

After a few moments, he said he had another surprise. ANOTHER surprise?? What could it possibly be?? He grabbed my hand and led me to the helicopter that was waiting in the distance. He told me we were going to go on a ride over the valley together to really celebrate this joyous moment. I was beyond thrilled, because it was my first time in a helicopter, and something I had wanted to do for years. We hopped in and watched the world beneath us get further and further away. Everything was so green and beautiful, and the mountains that were usually so massive seemed small so high up. It was such a beautiful and memorable moment that we got to share together. And a day I will always cherish. ♥️

After getting married, we have moved three times, lived in 3 different states, and have had 2 sweet daughters! Life can get crazy hectic, and sometimes I am not as organized as I would like to be. Which means misplacing and losing things all the time! Whether it’s me putting something in a different spot, or my toddler daughter carrying things off and hiding them....I feel like we are always on the hunt for things around our home! One thing that I cherish so much, and never want to lose (also because it’s pricy) is my engagement ring. I love the design I chose, and that ring on my finger reminds me of the start of Colten and I’s love story & all of the memories that go with it.

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