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Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

Ciera Dastrup


With my first pregnancy I had NO clue what to really pack in my hospital bag. I looked on Pinterest and blogs for advice, and packed up my hospital bag according to what they suggested. I felt pretty confident with everything I had, but after experiencing child birth & the hospital stay for myself....I realized I forgot a lot of things, and also packed a lot of useless things. So I put together a list of what you really need! Of course every person is so different, so you may want to add or disregard some of the things on my list for whatever best suits YOU! :)



2-3 NURSING BRAS: My favorites are linked below.

2-3 YOGA/SWEAT PANTS: Don't plan on wearing or leaving the hospital in anything other than comfy pants....your poor V will be loaded up with pads & you won't want anything too tight on down there. (Even if you have a C-section you'll want some comfy pants that wont hurt your stitches!)

2-3 COMFY SHIRTS/SWEATSHIRTS: These are for wearing around the hospital if you don't wanna wear a robe, & a shirt/sweatshirt to wear on your drive home.

ROBE: Robes are perfect for your stay at the hospital. Easy access for the nurses & doctor to check you down there* and for you to whip your boob out to nurse! 

SLIPPERS: I definitely recommend slippers for walking around the hospital or to and fro your bathroom. I actually just brought my UGG boots last time, and even just wore them home!

2-3 UNDIES: I recommend buying cheaper/dark colored underwear (NO THONGS/CHEEKY UNDIES--OUCH!!!!!!) that you don't care if they get ruined. Believe me....you will not want to wear these undies again, because they can get pretty soiled. 

TOILETRIES: Toothbrush, makeup, hair ties, dry shampoo, hair brush, breast pads, etc. You won't need to bring pads or anything for the 'healing' process. The hospital has all of that stuff for you, and they let you take it home with you.

MISC ITEMS: Snacks, (hard candies are perfect to pack because you can usually eat them before labor!) Phone Charger, iPad, Camera, Insurance card, License, etc.



CAR SEAT: Can't leave the hospital without one! We love our Nuna carseat linked below! 

GOING HOME OUTFIT: This outfit usually is a PJ set with socks & a hat!

1-2 BABY GOWNS/ONESIES: Baby's have blowouts & you never can have enough change of clothes!

1-2 SWADDLE BLANKETS: The hospital usually supplies 1 blanket that you can keep, but its always good to bring more! 

DIAPER BAG: Keep all of babies things in the diaper bag, along with all the items the hospital gives you to take home for baby! PS. The hospital usually supplies diapers and wipes for you!

MISC ITEMS: Nursing Pillow, sleep sack, pacifiers, mittens, etc.


TOILETRIES: Toothbrush, floss, etc! You'll want it especially if you plan on staying overnight at the hospital! 

SNACKS: Definitely a must for you to bring your favorite snacks!!!!

1-2 COMFY OUTFITS: Comfort is key when you're at the hospital, and snuggling a newborn all day!

VENDING MACHINE $$: Ideal to have some cash with you, especially if you ate all or snacks or didn't bring any!!!

MISC ITEMS: Laptop, iPad, phone charger, card games, license, pillow from home, etc.