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4 Reasons I Love Having a Girl

Ciera Dastrup


When I was pregnant with Marloe and found out I was having a girl I was soooo excited.
I went to Nordstrom with Colten and went through all the baby girl clothes and accessories for hours....and bought a whole lot. Being a mom to a girl is soooo fun, and I am sharing 4 reasons why I love having a little GIRL.

The day Marloe was born I put the sweetest tiny headband on her head. I couldn't wait for the day she had enough hair that I could braid & curl it! Marloe has lots of hair now, and it's so wild! She wakes up with the most tangled hair that I need all the help I can get. That's why I started using So Cozy hair products. The sensitive hair wash is perfect for her fine blonde hair, and the detangling spray works wonders when her hair is a tangled mess. Pick some up at Target or online!

There are just so many cute little girl clothes! Maybe it's because I don't have a boy yet, so I don't notice the boys clothes as much...but yeah, the girl sections always have the cutest stuff. My favorite places to buy clothes for Marloe are of course Target, this cute ETSY shop, Gap, and Nordstrom Rack!

Okay, this one excites me so much! I reallllly hope Marloe wants to dance. I danced all growing up, and I would love if she chose to dance too. Ballet shoes, ballet tights, leotards..... are the cutest thing on a little baby girl! If she chooses sports instead, she will still be the cutest little athlete ever!

Girls and their mamas, nothing better! There is nothing like a bond between a mom and daughter. I hope she grows up strong and confident, and can tell me anything and everything. I will help her get ready for dances, give her dating advice, and be a shoulder to cry on.