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Morning Routine with my Loves

Ciera Dastrup

Our days over here are not on a set schedule whatsoever. Being a working mom, means deadlines, sporadic photoshoots, and many events. Marloe actually does really well at going with the flow and napping on the go!

Although our days aren't routine, our mornings are. Mornings are my favorite time of day. I know I have said it before....but I love mornings. I wake up, and literally jump out of bed with motivation to take the day on. I thought I would share what our mornings look like around here :)

Marloe usually wakes up at the same time as Colten and I. Since we co-sleep, she wakes up when we start getting out of bed. This is usually around 7 am. We all snuggle in bed for a little bit before I pick her up and we head to her room to change her diaper, and out of her pjs. She is always so happy in the mornings too, and is constantly pointing at stuff going "oooh" in excitement. I change immediately after into gym clothes. I feel like I am way motivated to workout if I have my athletic clothing on. Colten also gets in his workout gear, and gets ready to head to the gym! I put Marloe in her high chair, and turn on music or cartoons for her while she eats breakfast. Her favorite breakfasts lately are:
Yogurt & fruit
Whole wheat French toast & fruit
Eggs with lots of cheese & fruit
I make my breakfast too, which is usually oatmeal & fruit or yogurt & fruit! Colten has headed out the door to the gym by this time, and it's just Marloe and I eating our breakfast!

When Colten gets home from the gym, he gets ready for work! Ps. If you wanna know what my husband does for a living, visit this site. :) Anyway, he showers up, touches up his beard, and gets dressed for work! Shaving is a part of his daily routine, and has been for a while.

Colten usually always has a beard, and I love it! I am a huge fan of his facial hair, and think he looks so good with stubble or even a big beard. We recently teamed up with The Remington Beard Boss Perfecter Stubble and Detail Kit to try on my husbands facial hair! He is super picky when it comes to shavers, and I was really hoping that he would love this one. Proud to say, he has used it every day for the past three weeks! He loves how its premium T-Blade provides ultra close trimming and pinpoint precision and control for perfect stubble and crisp, clean edges. He can create his signature look using the Remington Beard Boss shaver. It is available at Walmart and on Walmart.com so if you have a man who shaves (almost every man haha), this could be a great gift for him!! 

Some cool things about it:

Its 100% waterproof!-SOOO COOL.

Precision Metal Comb – adjustable metal comb locks in the exact length for a perfectly groomed beard, plus five snap on combs

Foil Shaver – Cleans up along the neck, jawline and facial hair styles

Turbo Mode – Power boost for thick beards and fast trimming

My husband is a major fan, and I am a major fan of his perfectly trimmed beard! Head to your local Walmart and on Walmart.com to pick up your own.


This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®  & Remington  but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RemBeardBoss