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Family Photos + The Borrowed Boutique

Ciera Dastrup


Photos by Sara Dear Photography*

I cannot believe that this year is almost over!! It’s been such a crazy year, and I feel like it went by way too quickly. I haven’t shared a family update for a while, so I thought today would be the perfect time to do one while I share some family photos we recently took.

It’s been a little over 3 months since we moved from Albuquerque to Seattle. We had known for a while, when we lived in ABQ, that we would eventually be moving to Seattle...we just had no idea when! So when we got a call that we needed to move in 3 weeks, it all happened so darn fast.

We planned on buying a home in WA, we were so tired of renting and we felt like Seattle would be home for a while so it seemed right to buy our first home here. Since we moved so quickly we didn’t have enough time to do a home search so we have been living with a family member here for the past 3 months. With Colten’s job, he literally has been working all day everyday, so we seriously have zero time together to go out looking for homes! We still are on the search, but nothing has felt right & the prices for homes here are outrageous for crappy houses. If we don’t find a home before the baby arrives, then we will probably get back into a rental until we finally find something!

If anyone has any advice on first time home buying, please share it on my IG or in the comments here....we could use all the help!!!

Besides all the home craziness, life has been pretty dang amazing. I’ve been crazy busy (in a good way) with my blog, Colten’s work is doing awesome, and both our babies are healthy!!! Colten has been at work so much lately, that we have had no time to get together for family photos....but finally earlier this week we had a moment together & we took advantage of it to get some family pics done!

It was soo nice to be able to get some pictures of our family, and get out some Christmas cards in time. We found the prettiest Christmas tree farm not to far from our house for the photos, and it just so happened to be the nicest Seattle weather ever that day! No rain, Woohoo! We brought a long Chooiee too, because he is a big part of our little family...and the photos wouldn’t be complete without him.

I ordered mine and Colten’s outfits off of ASOS, and I’ll share the details in this post. But Marloe’s outfit is from a cute little online shop called The Borrowed Boutique. The Borrowed Boutique is every mom, dad’s, and photographers dream when it comes to dressing kiddos up for special occasions and photo shoots. Ever buy your child an expensive fancy outfit for their Birthday or Christmas photos, and they end up wearing it ONCE after you spent a fortune??? Well Emma, The creator and force behind TBB, came up with the idea when she was spending a fortune on fancy clothes for her daughter. Her husband gave her the idea to start a rental business for kids clothes...and the business was born! Read all about her here.

Marloe’s outfit here is SO CUTE. The Borrowed Boutique has so many stylish choices to pick from, and they make shipping and returning so so easy. I definitely plan on using them for every family photo shoot, and anytime I want Marloe to wear something fancy for a special occasion. Learn more, and check out their amazing style selections HERE.