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Day's with a Toddler

Ciera Dastrup


Days with a toddler are exhausting, unpredictable, and of course so much fun. Marloe is my little buddy, and I love planning my days around & with her. I decided to share my daily routine with a toddler, because I personally love learning about how other mama's spend their days, and I thought maybe you would too! :) Also, throw 2-3 tantrums somewhere in the mix while you’re reading the below. Some days we get by with just 1 or 2….other days feel like the whole day is ONE BIG TANTRUM. 


We wake up, and spend some time in bed laughing, and cuddling, and just being silly. I make an effort to not look at my phone in bed during this time. Instead it's just one on one time with her and I, before we get out of bed. Once we're up, I instantly make my bed (usually the only tidying up I do all day lol), and she usually wanders off to her room to play with toys. I clean her room daily, and it always looks the same-toys everywhere, clothes thrown out of drawers, etc…haha. Once my bed is made, I change her diaper, and we take our vitamins! I bought her a little container of kids Gummy Vitamins, and she eats her vitamins while I take my prenatal vitamin! We then head to the kitchen and eat breakfast! I either have oatmeal, yogurt & granola, or I'll make protein pancakes! I make Marloe a nice wholesome breakfast, and she either eats none of it, or all of it. It’s always a gamble, and either way she asks for snacks 30 minutes after breakfast! After we clean up breakfast, I get ready in workout gear, and I dress her in warm clothes for our morning jog. If its rainy, Ill skip the jog outside and go to the gym! I get in a morning workout (without one I am a monster...its my "me time"), and then head to Starbucks to get my caffeine fix, aka. Strawberry Acai Refresher. YUM. I am obsessed. <-----That part of my routine never changes. 


I try to run most of my errands in the morning before lunch and nap time. After we eat lunch, its nap time for Marloe. She usually goes down pretty easily, I put her in my bed, and snuggle her while we watch a movie or show....within a few minutes she is OUT. I haven't yet trained her to sleep in her own bed, or room.....currently working on that, BUT I JUST LOVE SNUGGLING HER. Once she is fast asleep I get to work on my computer! I plan all my work during her nap time! Its truly the only undistracted time I have, so I take full use of it! I blog, post on IG, or plan my weeks of photoshoots. Marloe naps for 1-2 hours, so I work my pants off until she is up! When she wakes up, I try to do some activities together....like reading books, coloring, or taking her to the park! Sometimes we go visit grandma, or her cousins! :) We also love visiting daddy at work, and prepping for dinner together! She is a great little 'helper' in the kitchen, and loves stirring, and playing around with the ingredients.


Once Colten gets home, and we have eaten dinner, we spend some time together watching movies, and talking about our days. We then put Marloe in the bath, and each get ready for bed ourselves. Night time is when I write to-do lists for the following day, and make notes on everything I need to get done. I put Marloe down for bed, and Colten and I turn on our show! (Right now we are RE-watching Parks and Rec for the tenth time lol). 

WE ARE OUT BY 10 PM. Sometimes 9, because being a parent is hard!!!!

Photos & Home Courtesy of Cheerful Mama*