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Baby Gear - The First Year

Ciera Dastrup

When you first have a baby, you are so unsure of what you REALLY need. You get bombarded by workers in department stores telling you what is new and trending in the Baby Department. It can be so overwhelming. I went through this exact situation. I scrolled endlessly through Pinterest trying to locate the TOP baby items. But really, I should have just asked real everyday moms, because then I would have gotten much more clear answers.

I truly think that when it comes to baby gear, you JUST need a few things. A good stroller, like this one pictured from Graco. The car seat connects easily to the stroller, and makes life so much easier. I swear by a good stroller, and think every mama should invest in an awesome good quality one. They get beat up so fast, so going the cheap route isn't a good option. Also, get the best quality car seat too! I recommend buying a dark grey or black car seat like this one from Maxi Cosi. It's no surprise that babies are super messy, so a darker carseat will help to hide stains! 

Active Mama's, everyone needs to get a separate Jogger stroller. These strollers, are the best for running or off road walks with your baby. My Bob Jogger, was the best investment, and helped me to get back into running and out of the house! I know there are some cheaper brands, but the BoB jogger is one of the best quality baby joggers!

A couple things that you DON'T 'need' to buy, are any sort of bouncy/walker thing. These are awesome, don't get me wrong. But your baby will use it for maybe a month, and they just take up so much space in your house! I promise you, your baby would be happy with a box and some spatulas lol! I don't think they are completely unnecessary, but they are definitely not absolutely needed! If you do end up getting a bouncer/jogger get ONE, not ten different kinds. I promise you will go crazy trying to find places to put them after your baby stops using them.

I do feel like many of the items I bought were pretty worthless, or only used a few times. Babies are so unpredictable, so before you buy a million things for you baby....see what they like first, and maybe try it out at the store/friends house. Also, your baby will get sick of their toys fast, so try to trade toys out every once in a while to keep them interested. 

I rounded up some baby gear favorites, would love to hear what YOU recommend!