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Ciera Dastrup


Life has been pretty chaotic lately. And I sometimes need sit back and remember whats really important, my Family! We are planning trips, trying to get stuff done at home, and Colten is always pretty busy with his job! Through all the hard times, I am just so grateful for families! They are the ones that will stick by your side, no matter the issue!!! :) 

Marloe seems like a toddler to me lately....she has grown so much! She currently has one tooth, and working on another. She is almost standing up, is constantly babbling, and fits in 12 month clothing size! Where did my newborn go???? Time seriously flies by so quickly....Anyway, we had an awesome photographer come into our home, and snap some honest lifestyle shots for us! I love how real these photos are, totally shows our true selves and what really goes on at home!

*Photography by Sarah Ellefson