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Products for Sensitive Skin

Ciera Dastrup


When Marloe was just about a month old, I noticed that she started to get eczema, and red dry patches on her skin. Every time I bathed her, or put baby lotion on her-it got even worse. Her scalp was flaky and she seemed crazy uncomfortable. I remember one instance specifically when we were headed to Seattle to visit family that it got really bad. That short two hour flight, felt like 10 hours because Marloe screamed in discomfort from her skin hurting the entire flight. Under her neck was an insane rash, and Colten and I had no idea what to do!

As a new mom, I felt helpless. I searched every where on the internet to find out what the problem was, and how to fix it. I came to the conclusion that she had VERY sensitive skin. I decided to try out products that were geared towards sensitive skin, and products with no fragrances or dyes! 

I found some awesome products, and a few weeks after I made the change her skin completely cleared up! So if your a mama with a sensitive skinned baby, kid, or even yourself for that matter--these products are just for you! :)



When Marloe was first born I washed all of her clothing/blankets in Dreft. Dreft is actually a really awesome detergent, and smells SO GOOD. The only downside was that it has fragrances and dyes in it, and I had to find a new detergent for Marloe to see if it would help her skin without either. I bought Seventh Generation Free and Clear  and love it! Marloe's skin has been clear ever since switching! It also is strong against stains, which we all know babies make a lot of! 


At my baby shower for Marloe I was gifted a ton of Johnsons baby lotion. I love the scent of that lotion, to me it is the perfect clean baby smell! Unfortunately Marloe's skin does not like that stuff at all! I tried so many different lotions, and nothing was helping. I even tried plain coconut oil....and it made it worse. I finally found a few that seem to have worked, and help to moisturize her dry skin! The first was The Honest Company Face & body lotion! I love The Honest Companies products, and this lotion did not disappoint. I also tried Eucerin's baby lotion. I put it on Marloe every night before bed, and her skin feels so soft like a baby's skin should feel!!!


Marloe LOVES bath and shower time! When she was younger I used to take her in the bath with me, then I put her in the sink when she got a little older. Now she loves sitting on the shower floor, while I shower. I use Shea Moisture all over baby wash on her. It smells soooo good, and doesn't strip her skin of moisture. You guys, even Colten loves the smell of this wash, and I have caught him using it!!! CeraVe baby wash & Shampoo is also another great one for sensitive skin! 


There are so many wipe brands out there, and not all are made equally. I prefer wipes with no fragrances or dyes! My absolute favorite wipes are Bloom Baby wipes, they are sold at Target now! But, these wipes are not only made for sensitive skin, but are also high quality, thick, and absorbent! I am pretty picky when it comes to diapers, because Marloe can get pretty bad diaper rash with bad quality diapers. I have tried The Honest Company diapers and love them, but they are a bit pricy....although SUPER CUTE. But I have found that the Costco Kirkland brand diapers have been great for Marloe, and I can buy the huge pack from Costco that lasts a long time! They are similar to Huggies, and I also really like Huggies as well!


Marloe's excema got really bad when she was around 3 months old. I felt so bad for her, and wanted those dry patches to go away! I bought LOTS of ointments, and found some that have worked well for her! Her pediatrician recommended I put Hydrocortisone cream on her dry spots. That helped very fast, and the red patches faded just after a few days! I also tried BabyGanics Excema skin protection lotion. This stuff really helps to lock in moisture on those dry areas, and help them to not get enflamed! 


Hope this helps! xx