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Copper Pearl

Ciera Dastrup


Hi loves! Talking about one of my favorite companies today Copper Pearl! For a long time I was looking for something that would catch Marloe's constant drool stream! That girl drools so much that her onesies get soaked and it irritates her sensitive baby skin :( I ended up putting these ugly bibs on her that were meant for catching spills when you feed your baby solids!!! They were not cute, and she never left the house wearing them! Thats when I found Copper Pearl's cute stylish bibs! They have so many styles, and they serve a BIG purpose! They catch her drool, and help keep her onesies dry! They are also perfect when nursing, and wiping off her milky face!! I posted my favorite styles of their bibs below! 

I also LOVE their stretchy carseat & nursing cover. I seriously use it evrytime i need to nurse in public! It is lightweight too, which is nice, since Marloe HATES being covered when she nurses! (I don't blame her haha!) I took it with me on my last flight, and it was so convenient to just take it off the carseat and put it around my neck to nurse! It looks cute as a scarf too!!! Check it out below & shop your faves!!!!

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