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October + Halloween Weekend

Ciera Dastrup

October is my favorite month of the entire year, not only because of Fall, and Halloween...but it is also my Birthday month!! I also love how it's not to cold, but is super super gorgeous and colorful with the changing leaves! I can't believe it's already November, and we're coming up on Marloes Birthday! Before it got to late, I wanted to share all of our October & Halloween photos with you!

We had such an eventful and fun October/Halloween! We had my family come into town the beginning of the month for Balloon Fiesta, click here to see what that is! Then the rest of the month leading up to Halloween, I spent a lot of time outside with Marloe and Chooiee. We played in the leaves, went to the zoo, drank lots of hot chocolate...and Marloe had lots of firsts!

Halloween this year was the best ever! Marloe had her very first ever birthday party to go to, and it just so happened to be a Halloween costume party. We dressed up the whole family and went, and had a great time! Marloe is so fun to watch with other babies! That same day we had our church's Trunk or Treat! We got dressed up again, and had so much fun handing out candy with our church members and neighbors! :)

On Halloween, Marloe and I went to a little Halloween party at the park, and ate pizza and played! (Aka I chased Marloe around everywhere) Later that night we went over to a friends house and ate good food, and played card games!