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Better for You + On the Go Snacks

Ciera Dastrup

Marloe and I are constantly on the go! I don't like staying home all day, or else I go pretty stir crazy. We wake up early, and head to the park for a morning jog everyday! I also try and find any excuse to leave throughout the day to run errands, or just spend time outside!! Being away from home, means I have to be prepared with everything we might need in my diaper bag! I am sharing what gets us through our day, and what I pack with me along the way!
Now that Marloe is getting older, she requires snacks, especially for longer errand trips. Today I am working with Sprouts to showcase some of my favorite snack products that I always pack in my diaper bag!


1-First off, of course I always bring 1-2 diapers with me everywhere. Wipes are a must as well, not only for changing diapers, but cleaning off sticky hands & faces! Plus when you pack snacks around, your kids will for sure get it everywhere...so wipes are for that too ha!

2-I also always have hand sanitizer, chapstick, and hand lotion in my bag! My hands get so dry here in Albuquerque, so lotion is a must for me!!!

3-Snacks for me! I am still nursing, and when I leave the house for a long time, I try to pack granola bars with me! Larabars from Sprouts are my favorite! They are organic, and low in calories, but taste sooo yummy and come in lots of flavors. These bars are just for me, and I never let my husband or Marloe have any! (They're too good hahah!!!)

4-Snacks for Marloe! I have always been so impressed with Annie's Organics snacks and products. They're delicious for any age, and Marloe and me just love them! I pack a bag of the Chocolate Chip Bunnies, and Cheddar snack mix before we head out to run errands. I feel good knowing I am giving Marloe a smart choice for snacks, and knowing they're organic makes me happy!

5- I always wear different bags when I head out the door. I am a style blogger, so coordinating my outfits with handbags is a must hehe! BUT, the problem with doing that is, I am constantly shuffling all my Diapers/wipes/baby stuff into different bags, and doing that makes me sometimes forget stuff. Then, I discovered ToteSavvy (pictured above) it fits into any medium sized bag (or bigger) and is easily transferable to all my other bags! Now, I don't need to worry about forgetting anything, and can wear any bag I want! Check them out here.


Right now Sprouts is having an AMAZING sale on select Annie’s Organic, Larabar, Cascadian Farms Organic, Food Should Taste Good, Immaculate, Epic, Mountains High, Muir Glen Organic products! 

Buy the select "Better for You" brands above and save 35% at Sprouts (Oct. 12 - 19th, limited to stock on hand) Get shopping babes! What's in your diaper bag??