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Being a Mom-Month 1

Ciera Dastrup

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Hello, first off let me just say thank you to all my followers & whoever is reading this! Means so much to me, and I LOVE you guys!!!!! Okay, I cannot believe my baby is 6 weeks old, these first 6 weeks have flown by and I am getting freaked out and want time to slow down! I still haven't shared my birth story either.....so I am going to share that with you below! Its not to exciting, but for those of you that are expecting, sometimes it's nice to read others experiences to prepare you for your own.


I currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my husband. We moved here last March for my husbands job and have ZERO family here. When I found out I was pregnant and due right around Christmas, I decided that I would just fly up to Utah (where I am from and my family lives) to deliver my baby. Also, my husbands aunt who lives in Utah happens to be an OBGYN, so I thought it would be awesome to have her deliver our baby there anyway! I flew up to Utah for every prenatal visit, and flew up twenty days before my due date (just in case). My husband, Colten, flew up with me and went to our 37 1/2 week prenatal visit. Well, during that visit our aunt (our OBGYN) told me I was already dilated to a 2, and 60% effaced which was crazy at 37 weeks! Colten had planned to fly back to Albuquerque, so he wouldn't miss so much work, but he was caught off guard that i was so close to delivering! He left anyway, and our aunt decided it would be best for me to have an induction date, because I was progressing so fast, and so that Colten could plan on a time to fly down and not miss our child's birth!!!! I felt much better knowing a date, but also because I was progressing so fast the baby could have come any day before that! 

The day approached, and we went into the hosptial on the 14th that night around 7pm to start the Pitocin, that would slowly progress me more into labor. I was SO nervous on the way to the hospital. I had very few contractions before I got there, and the ones I did have were very faint, and not painful whatsoever! We checked into our room, and they started me on the Pitocin, and I slowly started having more contractions, yet they still weren't painful or very strong. My aunt came in, and decided it was time to break my water. I was nervous for this, because my sister had told me that it was one of the most painful things, and they basically stick what looks like a crochet needle up there to do it. She broke my water, and although it was painful, it wasn't as bad as I expected. They told me the contractions would start to become stronger and more painful, but since I hadn't had any pain whatsoever I told them I would hold off before getting my epidural. I stood up after they broke my water, and I felt the rush of water go down my leg! Weirdest feeling EVER! Literally moments after my water broke, I felt the first VERY PAINFUL contraction. It was terrible, and after three of those, I asked for the epidural to take away the pain. Our epidural dr. (can't remember what they're called hahah) came in and he was AWESOME. He explained everything to me, and the sensations I would be feeling as he was doing everything. I'll be honest I felt no pain from the epidural, mostly because I had strong painful contractions during it that overpowered every other sensation i could have felt. I was shaking so bad during them, that my sweet nurse held my hand and brushed my hair. Once he finished with the epidural, he told me to wait 20 minutes, and if I still felt pain to let him know. After 20 minutes I was still feeling the contractions, so he came back and gave me an extra dose. After that I was in paradise. I chatted with my husband, ate ice chips, and felt amazing!!! They would tell me I was having a contraction by looking at the monitor, but I couldn't feel a thing haha! My husband slept, and I got an hour in maybe, but although I felt no pain, I was so scared for the actual 'giving birth' part. I couldn't stop thinking about it.....

Hours flew by, and my nurse came in to check my progress, and told me it was TIME! Ahhh, my aunt came in and gently got me into position to push. Colten from the beginning of my pregnancy always told me he wanted to stay up by my face the entire time, and not look 'down there' because he thought it would freak/gross him out! But right when our aunt came in to tell us to start pushing, he grabbed my leg, and was ready to help! I was super surprised, and honestly it made me love him even more! I pushed for about 45 minutes, when she said that the baby was almost out! Pushing was exhausting, but I felt zero pain the entire time. I could feel pressure and tugging (sorry if TMI), but zero pain....thats why I love modern medicine guys. Then after a couple big pushes, she was HERE!!!! I was so exhausted by this point, that I didn't feel like what was happening was even real. It was beyond emotional, and I just wanted to sleep and hold my baby!!! We had one hour of skin on skin, before they took her to weigh and measure her! That first day was nuts, you are just given this little human to take care of, and your emotions are all over the place! Anyway, there is my birth story! Totally not exciting, but beautiful and awesome nonetheless! Marlow Wyn Hudson, 7 lbs 5 oz, and 19 inches long! :)

Month 1:

Since my birth story was pretty long, Ill keep this somewhat short and sweet. Being a mom for that first week after her birth was tough. I had a bit of the baby blues, and just didn't feel like myself at all. Even though I post pictures now with my striking stomach, it did NOT look like that in the first week. I felt pretty nasty, and I was in a lot of pain and felt over all uncomfortable. Marloe was sleeping pretty well for the first 3 days when we came home from the hospital, but then she got a little cold, which was scary and disrupted her sleep (and mine). It's crazy how fast I just fell in love with her, and couldn't believe I had lived without her! Me and Colten spent Christmas and New Years with her there in Utah. I loved being around family, but I was so ready to get home to our house, and get settled and into a routine. Everyday she is learning or doing something new. She has started smiling like crazy, and is a definite mommas girl. (Although she loves her dad very much, and smiles the most for him). She is getting so chubby, and already doesn't fit in anything newborn, which is so sad :( She is a little spoiled diva, and has to be held, so doing daily tasks is difficult, unless I put her in my Solly Baby Wrap! She loves taking baths and showers, and hates getting dressed....which sucks, because I love dressing her in cute outfits....even though she gets them dirty 5 seconds later! Anyway, being a mom is awesome, my husband is already talking about baby number 2! He is crazy, and we are definitely gunna wait on that haha! Maybe in 2 years! 

One thing I don't love, is how hard it is to find cute nurse friendly clothes! I stumbled upon a company called Fledgeling, and got this adorable nursing dress! I wore it to church on Sunday, and it is soo very convenient! I love how it is dark colored as well...for those baby spit ups, or leaky breasts! (Sorry if TMI haha). Anyway, if you're looking for cute nursing bras, clothing, or baby clothes check them out!