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Wedding Update

Ciera Dastrup

Honestly, planning a wedding is a lot of work. I never realized that SO MUCH goes into it, and you have to plan everything way in advanced or you don't get the venues, people, or services you want! Even though its been somewhat stressful, it has also been really exciting and fun. Colten and I have been doing things pretty backwards though. We just recently shot our bridals, yet we haven't even taken our engagement photos yet!! It just kind of happened that way eek! Anyway thought I would share a couple fun photos with you, and tell you a little bit about our fun Bridal/formal photo shoot process. 

I was contacted by an awesome photographer "Perrywinkle Photography" and she wanted to do a very cool stylized  bridal photo shoot to possibly send in to different wedding websites and magazines to be published. She was going to use models, but figured that Colten and I would be more fitting because we just got engaged recently! I was beyond stoked! She had the entire thing planned out and had the most amazing makeup artist aka "Vivian Makeup Artistry" even scheduled to do my hair & makeup! She had other photographers set up to come, assistants at the shoot, and had a bouquet and corsage made in my wedding colors from Bottles & Blooms. Everything was perfect. The location for the shoot was at Saltair on the salt flats. We shot right at sunset, the colors and atmosphere were amazing. I had my dad come and shoot some behind the scenes footage too, to make a cute video with after. The night was an absolute dream. Colten even set it up for True Gentlemen Supply co to lend him a suit (while also ordering the real deal for our wedding). It was an awesome experience, now on to the next one! 

Here is a little sneak peak of some of Perrywinkle Photography's photos, along with some behind the scenes still shots from the video.


shot by Perrywinkle Photography 

shot by Perrywinkle Photography 

Shot by Perrywinkle Photography

Shot by Perrywinkle Photography

Shot by Perrywinkle Photography

Shot by Perrywinkle Photography


laughing in between takes

Thank you everyone who participated in this shoot!

Yours Truly, Ciera