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Holiday in Seattle

Ciera Dastrup


I have never spent Christmas anywhere else but at home! So this was my first Christmas away from my family, but I was SO happy to spend mine and Coltens very first Christmas together! We flew into Seattle (where he is from) and had a couple of awesome days filled with shopping and eating before Christmas! Christmas morning we opened presents, and I couldnt believe how much Colten and his family had spoiled me! My last present I opened from Colten was the most beautiful Kate Spade purse I had ever seen! He bought me a matching Kate Spade wallet, coin purse, and makeup bag too! Talk about feeling like the luckiest girl EVER! After Christmas, we did a lot of exploring and driving to different places! We went to a place called Deception Pass with the most beautiful blue/green ocean water, and a bridge stretching from one island to the mainland! It was breathtaking. We walked down the cold beaches, and watched the water, and made a fire to keep warm. On another day, we took a drive down to a place called Game Farm Park, where we drove through and fed/saw Bears, Lions, Tigers, Buffaloes, Deer, and Zebras to name a few....it was soooo cool, and a little messy. New years, was a blast, me and my sister in laws went into downtown Seattle and had lunch and went shopping! We stopped at my favorite french bakery called Le Panier and picked up some yummy macaroons! <3 Later that night we lit off fireworks, and played games! A Christmas and New Years to remember! xo