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Wedding Planning.

Ciera Dastrup

Hey guys for forever I have been wanting to do a post on the whole "Wedding Planning" process. Let me first say, that I NEVER thought it would be so stressful. (Fun and exciting, but stressful none the less).

Okkkkkkay so I never was the type of girl to ever plan something in advanced, for instance, a wedding. I didn't even make a Pinterest "Wedding" board until I knew for a 100% fact that Colten and I would be getting married. But it wasn't until we got engaged that I actually became pretty serious about the whole planning process. You can pin 1 million picture aspirations to your wedding board, but lemme' tell ya....NOTHING will fully prepare you.

The first thing I got for my wedding was of course my dress! The funny thing is, I thought I knew exactly what type of dress I wanted before hitting the stores. I was surprised at what I actually liked on my body though...I was even set on having NO veil, and then they put that veil on me.....I was speechless and needed to have it. A lot of other people I talked to were the same way, you get this vision in your mind of what you "think" you'll like and you end up going the opposite direction. Here is a picture of my dress:

I lovvvve my dress, but it really didn't even take me long to find it. i visited two stores, and at the second bridal store I tried my dress on and just knew I wanted it! You really do get this overwhelming feeling, and you look at yourself in the mirror and as cheesy as it sounds..."You just know its the one!".

I am happy about getting married in the Fall time, its mine and Colten's favorite season! We are also doing our wedding indoors of course, since Utah can and usually is pretty chilly in November! Even if we were getting married in the dead of Summer, I would still do an indoor wedding. You can never count on the weather, and I would hate to stress over it! Here is an inside look at our venue! Its so romantic, and vintage-y! I just love it!

Isn't that marble gorgeous!

I realized also that invites are expensive, and so time consuming to put together. A lot of random people gave me their addresses to send them invites, and even though its sweet of them to want an invite. I decided that I would rather send them to people that genuinely want to go to my wedding, and that I know personally. ( And not just some random girl I sat next to my sophomore year). So my advice to you, send invites to people you know and are close to!

I had my sister in-law actually hand paint flowers on my invites! She is an amazing artist, and made them so beautifully! (If you want hand painted custom invites, comment below and I can give you her info).

Also, the hardest part about planning a wedding has to be all the opinions you get from everyone else. Constantly you have people telling you what you should do, and really you just have to ignore it and do what you want. Its YOUR day and you get one chance to make it perfect and you want it to be as true to you as possible, so you don't look bad and regret anything! 

Thanks for reading! Ill do another update soon!!!! XO

Yours Truly, Ciera