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Happy Healthy Home

Ciera Dastrup

I have always been a health conscious person, my whole life I made sure I put the right things in my body, worked out daily, and even used cleaning products with toxin free ingredients. BUT, never not once did I think about the air I was breathing in my own home.

I love love walking through my front door into my home, and having it smell fresh and clean. I love it when friends or neighbors stop by, and tell my my house smells amazing. I had candles going, air fresheners spraying, and scented wall plugs throughout my home. Little did I know, many of those products use harmful chemicals & disperse them into the air. The same air my family is breathing!

I recently found Enviroscent, a new type of home fragrance company. "In an industry littered with corrosive solvents, headache-inducing sensitizers, chemical propellants, and landfill-bound devices, we set out to be different. We're not in the business of making "less-bad" aerosols, plug-ins, or candles. Our vision is to deliver the finest home fragrances in a new, low-footprint way. We believe the Enviroscent way is a better way. Our vision is based on four principles. - Better Products - Better Scents - Better Packaging & Supply Chain - Better Ourselves"

Not only are they a much better option for my family, but they make them in modern ways that can easily be styled into any home. I put mine in Mason Jars, because I love the pop of color it brings into the room through the clear glass. They smell amazing, and my husband and friends are constantly commenting on how good my home smells. I LOVE THAT!!!! You can learn more info on them here, and shop for them at Walmart or online!

All my opinions are my own. Sponsored by Enviroscent*